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Awareness on Cancer at Vijayadka : Kick Cancer before it kicks you!!

March 17, 2020

Mangaluru: Caritas India and CODP® Mangaluru, organized Sparsha- Awareness on Cancer on the occasion of Women’s day celebration at St. Lawrence Church Vijayadka on March 14.The session began at 2.30pm.

Fr. Edwin Monis, Parish Priest welcomed Dr.Shreyas from the department of Radiation Oncology, KMC hospital Attavar, and the organizers of the program. Fr.Edwin gave an important message to the all women by stating Health is Wealth and we must take proper precautions and do regular checkups to stay away from the disease.

Dr. Shreyas, explained the participants the causes, symptoms and types of cancer. He mentioned the ratio of mortality which has occurred due to cancer. He focused on Early Detection and treatment and stated use of Tobacco, Alcohol,Smoking and consumption of Can foods, would also lead to cancer. Advise on avoiding junk food was also told to the children attended. The food which could be consumed by the Cancer patients was explained to the participants.

Growing vegetables in our own garden without using chemicals will reduce the risk of getting Cancer. By doing yoga and exercise we can maintain our fitness. And by “Adopting healthy life style we can Beat Cancer” and therefore reduce the rate of mortality. Participants attended were 60.Session was concluded at 3.30pm.