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The Rachana Catholic Chamber of Commerce and Industry holds ‘Members Social Connect’ event

March 22, 2024

Mangaluru: The Rachana Catholic Chamber of Commerce and Industry held an enriching and enlightening session with its event titled “Members Social Connect” on March 17 at St Sebastian Community Hall, Bendoor Mangaluru.

Mr. John Monteiro, the President of Rachana, in his welcome address, outlined the objectives of the event and highlighted the importance of connecting with society as entrepreneurs, professionals, and agriculturists. 

He mentioned that an entrepreneur should work to build social harmony and be cautious when handling social issues.

The esteemed guest speaker, Mr. Walter Nandalike, Managing Director of Daijiworld Media Pvt Ltd, in his enlightening address, delved into the importance of entrepreneurs’ integration within society, explaining why this connection is vital and offering guidance on navigating diverse scenarios. Drawing attention to recent occurrences, Mr. Walter underscored the significance of responding thoughtfully rather than reacting impulsively, particularly within a secular context. He emphasised that each individual, whether affiliated with a political party, institution, or association, operates within certain constraints. Thus, he advocated against the blame game, urging instead for a detailed understanding of circumstances to facilitate wise decision-making. 

As custodians of societal harmony, entrepreneurs bear a profound responsibility to foster unity and cultivate tranquility whenever the need arises. Mr Nandalike also cautioned against being swayed by heightened emotions, warning against the proliferation of inflammatory content in various media forms. In essence, he reminded us of our shared identity and the imperative to be socially connected as a united front. 

The session was well moderated by Mr Leslie Rego, who set the tone for the topic of the event. 

Former MLA Mr J. R. Lobo and Mr Roy Castelino, PRO of the Diocese of Mangalore, shared their views.

President Mr. John Monteiro briefed about Rachana’s Silver Jubilee Celebrations, marking its 25-year milestone, and future plans. He mentioned the formation of a Silver Committee led by Ms. Marjorie Texeira as the chairman, who outlined Rachana’s ambitious plans for the future, focusing on nurturing young entrepreneurs as part of its silver jubilee celebrations.

The event included recognising and honouring Rachana members for their outstanding achievements.

Mrs Lavina Monteiro introduced the recipients of honours.

Mr William D’Souza for being nominated as Vice President, Finance, of the United Federation of Travel Agents Association, Monaco, which is the apex body of all Travel Agents and Tour Operators Associations in the world. 

Mr Nelson Monteiro, an active leader of the Congress Party, for being appointed as the member of the Land Tribunal, DK.

Mr Stany Alvares, former president of Maand Sobhaan, for being appointed as President of Konkani Sahitya Academy, Government of Karnataka. 

Mr Naveen Lobo, vice president Maand Sobhaan, for being appointed as member of the Konkani Sahitya Academy. 

CA Vikram Jude Saldanha introduced new members, symbolising growth and inclusivity within the Rachana family.

Mr. Vijay Vishwas Lobo expressed heartfelt gratitude to all attendees and participants for their support in making the event successful. The program was compered by Mr Roshan Dsouza.