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National Library Day Celebrated at Father Muller Charitable Institutions

August 21, 2023

Mangaluru: The National Library Day celebrated at Father Muller Charitable Institutions Library on 19th August 2023, at 3.00p.m in the  Decennial Memorial Hall of  Father  Muller Knowledge Centre. The occasion was to Commemorate the 131st Birth anniversary of Padmashri Late Dr. S. R. Ranganathan who is considered as father of Library Science in India. 

To mark this celebration, an Inter Medical Collegiate Undergraduate General Knowledge Quiz ‘MULLER LIBER – 2023’ was held and six Medical Colleges in and around the D.K. & Udupi districts participated in this event. Dr. Anil Shetty, Professor of Paediatrics, FMMC was the quiz master. Dr Manjeshwar Sahana Kamath, Associate Professor,  Physiotherapy and   Library Committee  Member  welcomed  the  gathering. Dr. Chandini, Associate Professor, Psychiatry & Dr Tanush Shetty, Assistant Professor, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology    moderated the Quiz. Dr. Padmaja Udaya Kumar, HOD, Department of Pharmacology, presented the quiz participants with their certificates at the end of the quiz.  The Library Committee Chairperson, Secretary, Faculty and Students were present during the quiz. The following students were the Winners of the Quiz

            Name of the ParticipatesClass & CourseCollege
FIRST PRIZERs.10,000.00Mr. Anshyl Thomas Reji Mr. Shashank Shrey Mr.Clen Merryl Steevan RegoIIyr  MBBS I yr MBBS II yr MBBS Father Muller Medical College (80 Points)
SECOND PRIZERs. 5,000.00Ms. Aashna  A Shetty Ms. Aavani Jayan Mr. Mohammad Warshan Aivathoklu H III yr MBBSYenepoya Medical College (35 Points)
THIRD PRIZERs. 2,500.00Mr. Abrarahmed Jakati Mr. Harsh Gupta Mr. Kush Saurabh SinghIV yr  MBBSKanachur Hospital and Research Centre (30 Points)

The Program began with the invocation with a prayer song followed by welcome address by Dr. John J.S. Martis, Professor, Dept of Surgery, Chairperson of the Central Library Committee.  The Program was   inaugurated by lighting the  lamp by the Chief Guest, Dr Khaisar Muneebulla Khan, Professor and H.O.D., Department of Library & Information Science, Yenepoya (Deemed to be  University), Deralakatte, Mangalore along with other dignitaries on the dais namely, Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director, FMCI, Rev. Fr Ajith B. Menezes, Administrator, FMMC, Dr. Antony Sylvan D’Souza, Dean, FMMC, Dr. John J.S. Martis, Chairperson, Central Library Committee,  Dr. Janet Dotty Lobo,  Chief  Librarian,  FMCI  and   Secretary  of  the  Central  Library  Committee.       Rev. Fr Ajith B. Menezes talked about the origin story of the Reader’s Club the seeds of which were planted when Father was getting solace in the unread books from his bookshelf during the pandemic times. Father talked about the role of books in enriching our personality and helping our overall growth which is the main motivation behind providing a platform like Reader’s Club for our students. Following this, Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho inaugurated the Reader’s Club.

During their address, the Chief  Guest Professor Khaisar Muneebulla Khan touched on the background of the life of  Dr. S R Ranganathan and how  library science has grown by leaps and bounds with a wide range of evolution in the available resources and nomenclature. He talked in detail about the limited resources they had to face when he was just getting started with his career about four decades ago and there was still so much to learn. The literature and library research work which now takes four to six weeks to complete used to take over six months during the previous times eating up precious time and effort of the person looking for the said information.

Professor Khan talked about his realization about the presence of good seminar room and other resources were used to attract faculty and students to the library to open their eyes to the vast sea of knowledge that is waiting for their consumption. He congratulated the management of Father Muller Charitable Institutions for the facilities and resources they provide the faculty and students in abundance from the library resources to the infrastructure as well as various opportunities to learn and grow. 

Following the address by the chief guest, a memento was provided to the chief guest by  Dr. Antony Sylvan D’Souza, Dean, FMMC.

The  Ex-Chairpersons  of the  Central Library  Committee who served   between     1990 – 2022 were honored and the ones in service, namely Dr Erel A. I. Diaz., Professor, General Surgery, Dr Nagesh K.R., Professor, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology and          Dr Venkatesha B.M., Professor, General Medicine  were given a token of love and appreciation in the form of mementos from  Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director, FMCI. The quiz master Dr. Anil Shetty, Professor, Pediatrics was also given a memento by the Director, FMCI.

During the presidential address, Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director, FMCI mentioned the wide variety of interests different readers have and while some might love fiction others might like non-fiction more. The key is to enjoy the books that you like reading while passing on the books that you do not read to the ones who might appreciate it. Father talked about how Reader’s Club will bring together book lovers from all different genres together to appreciate the wide variety of books that would be offered to them.

This was followed by the prize distribution under the different categories and awardees name announced by Dr Janet Dotty Lobo, Chief Librarian, and the Secretary of the Central Library Committee. The Best Library user awards were given to the students in 3 categories based on the highest usage of library and borrowings in undergraduate section, postgraduate section & utilization of e-resource in the e-library.

Best Library User Award

Mr. Mohammed Mansoor Ahmed – MBBS-2022 Batch – Undergraduate section

Ms. Deepika R – MSC MLT-2022 Batch – Postgraduate section

Ms. Fleema Crasta- BSc Nursing 2020 Batch – E-library

These users were recognized with certificates and mementos.

BMJ Research to Publication Awardees

BMJ Research to Publication Recognition selection based on those who have completed 52 modules of Research to Publication honored with mementos as follows:


Dr  B. Sanjeev Rai      COR
Dr Umashankar T – Professor & HODPathology
Dr M K Kamath – HOD of Practice Of  MedicineHMC
Dr. Manjeshwar Sahana Srinivas Kamath, Associate ProfessorPhysiotherapy
Ms Anupama Karkera- Associate ProfessorPhysiotherapy
Dr  Kavitha Prabhu – Assistant ProfessorMicrobiology
Dr Prasanna N Bhat – Assistant Professor           Microbiology
Dr Ajither P A – Assistant ProfessorRespiratory Medicine
Ms. P Chaitra Bhat – Assistant ProfessorPhysiotherapy
Ms. Sheetal Pai  – Assistant ProfessorPhysiotherapy
Dr Alisha Mittal – Senior ResidentDermatology
Ms. Reshell R Fernandes – LecturerPhysiotherapy
Ms. Cyanna Joseph Dsouza- LecturerPhysiotherapy
Ms. P. Roshani – Lecturer  Physiotherapy


Dr. Nipun Bansal     M C H Urology-2020
Mr. Anrick Savio MenezesMPT-2022 Batch
Ms. Gouri E.MPT-2021 Batch
Ms. Irol Melanie PintoMPT-2021 Batch
Ms. Jeanne BarretoMPT-2021 Batch
Ms. Kesiah PintoMPT-2021Batch
Ms. Sharanyae S AdigaMPT-2021 Batch
Ms. Swathi UMPT-2021 Batch
Ms. Vidhisha PaiMPT-2021 Batch
Mr Jasim JunaidMPT-2021 Batch

Rank Holders and Academic Achievers

Dr. Rose Meroline DsouzaMicrobiology1st Rank
Dr. Anvith Sherwin PintoGeneral Medicine2nd Rank
Ms.Kirthi BhatMBBS1st  Year
Mr.Abishek J Stephen HarrisMBBSIInd Year
Ms.Aaral Alisha MonteiroMBBSIIIrd Year
Ms.Shanelle MendoncaBPTIst Year
Ms.Dona Catherine JoseBPTIInd Year
Ms.Aleena Peter PhilipBPTIIIrd Year
Dr. Deekshitha RaniMHAIst & IInd Semester
Sr. Josna K.MMHAIIIrd & IVth Semester
Ms.Christina MariaBHAIst & IInd Semester
Ms.Karishma K BangeraMSc MLTIst Year
Ms.AkshayaMSc MLTIInd Year
Ms.Advithi G ShettyBSc. MLTIst Year
Ms.Teena Jasmine DsouzaBSc. MLTIInd Year
Ms. Priya KumariBSc. MLTIIIrd Year
Ms.Akshatha VegasBSc. MITIst Year
Mr.Wilson Joyel CoelhoBSc. MITIInd Year
Ms.Anupama RoyBSc. MITIIIrd Year
Ms.Serena Carissa CardozaBSc. RTIst Year
Ms.Jewel DMelloBSc. RTIInd Year
Ms Irine MathewsBSc. AT/OTIst Year
Ms.Saba TaskeenBSc. ATIIIrd Year
Ms.Kalpitha R RaiBSc. OTIIIrd Year
Ms.Abhina M VBSc. RDTIst Year
Ms.Maria AntonyBSc. RDTIIIrd Year
Sr. Bincy K JM.Sc. NursingIstYear
Ms.Melisha Jenifer DsouzaPBBSc. NursingIst Year
Ms.Laveena DMelloPBBSc. NursingIInd Year
Ms.Deepa Robert KBSc. NursingIst Year
Ms.Glenisha PereiraBSc. NursingIInd Year
Ms.Aleena JinsBSc. NursingIIIrd Year
Mr.Ghanshyam PrasadGNMIst Year
Ms.Jenisha Pavitra LoboGNMIInd Year
Ms.A ShivaniMASLP(Audiology)Ist Year
Ms.RaniaMASLP(Audiology)IInd Year
Ms.Elna AnilMASLP(Speech Language Pathology)Ist Year
Ms.Reshmi Sanjeev CMASLP(Speech Language Pathology)Ist Year
Ms.Minusha I SMASLP(Speech Language Pathology)IInd  Year
Ms.Neha JohnsonBASLPIst Year
Ms.Herlyn Meryl MendoncaBASLPIInd Year
Ms.Jenin DsouzaBASLPIIIrd Year

Dr John J.S. Martis, Chairperson of the Central Library Committee offered roses to the sponsors as a token of appreciation.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Shubha N. Rao, Professor of General Surgery, FMMC, Member of the Central Library Committee, and the program was  meticulously compered by Dr Archana Bhat, Associate Professor, Pathology FMMC and Mrs Sandra Jyothi Saldanha, Associate Professor, Nursing Education.

The program was concluded by Institutional Anthem followed by refreshments.