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Master of Science in Software Technology at AIMIT, a course with Disruptive Technologies

June 17, 2020

Mangaluru: M.Sc. in Software Technology was started in 2007 at St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru. From then on wards Hundreds of students have completed this programme and well established themselves in the IT Industry. Right from the inception this course was an attraction for many of the employers/IT Companies to get the right resource and talents, well equipped with Information Technology. The Curriculum of this course being updated for every 2 to years with the help of renowned academicians across the country, Experts from the IT Industry, Research Mentors from R&D Labs along with the Well Experienced faculty of the Department. This course stands a ahead of its competitors such as M.Sc. Computer Science and IT in terms of its Practical Approach, Implementation of New Technologies, More focus on Hands on and Project work, Training for the Campus Placement, good Placement records and a platform for High Studies and Research in other Countries such as USA, Canada, France.

Since we live in VUCA world due to several changes taking place in our work environment and especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic across the world. Due to this the Economies, Works places, Business Processes, Transportation, Health Care Industry, Traditional Education models to EDUTECH Solutions have changed and impacted our day today engagements. VUCA is an acronym. It stands for Volatile – refers to the speed of change in an industry, market or the world in general, Uncertain – uncertain environments are those that don’t allow any prediction, also not on a statistical basis; Complex – refers to the number of factors that we need to take into account, their variety and the relationships between them and Ambiguous – refers to a lack of clarity about how to interpret something.

St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore a 140 year old Jesuit Institution which inherits the Jesuit Values in the Education system as a largest and the oldest Education System of the world believe that Change is constant and we need to adapt ourselves for changes. As Information Technology today is changing with rapid speed with the Disruptive Technologies, M.Sc. Software Technology also incorporated all these disruptive technologies in the curriculum. The technologies include Data Science, Big Data Analytics Technologies, AWS Cloud and Edge Computing, Mobile Computing and Application Development, Internet of Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Advanced web technologies with Node and Angular, Full Stack Development with REACT along with the traditional technologies. Industry Internship in the last semester is an opportunity to work closely with the employers.

Along with these advanced subjects, value added courses from the Industry certification such as Salesforce, Mulesoft, IBM, Infosys –InfyTQ, Massive open online courses from Coursera, Udemy, Skillx, etc being provided. The Online Digital Library helps the students to access the Books and Databases comfortably at their own workplaces. The Course enjoy large number of satisfied and well placed alumni, some of them shared their experiences when they were studying the course and the experiences from the Industry front.

Ashwin D’Costa, Consultant / Senior Software Engineer, KPMG& International Signer.

M.Sc. in software Technology is a wise choice that I had made 6 yrs ago; this course offers you the most updated syllabus catering to the current needs and demands in the field of IT, which is what makes it stand out from the rest of the courses. The foundation that was laid during the whole duration of the course has helped me sail through a wild sea of Sharks.The world outside is highly competitive and the college prepares you well to showcase or present yourself with utmost confidence to deal with everything that comes your way when you are choosing your careerpath in the IT industry. I owe my success to my mentors and teachers who have molded me throughout, they were not only highly skilled but approachable at the same time which builds in a friendly learning environment all together for students.

Jeevan K A, Senior Software Engineer, Wal-Mart India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.

AIMIT life exposes us to new experiences and things that we were not familiar with earlier. AIMIT life poses a lot of challenges in front of you. A campus which is really vast and Eco- friendly and a lovely environment which helps you to keep your peace of mind. Faculty – The real heroes of AIMIT who give wings to our dreams. Our life is never a Question Mark when they are around us. Faculty, in other words, are a family. Course-What I studied was M.Sc. in Software Technology which is really an advanced stream in IT, also which has a great exposure for current trends like Big Data, Machine Learning, Advanced Java and it provides international papers on your favourite research topics, which also helps you to stand alone in IT Corporate with your heads up.Library-The library is one of the places where you can actually see an ocean of books. It also contains rows of scientific and scholarly significance books. Food Court- This is the place where you can find all kinds of foodies, and coming to me I love having a variety of food so it was great for me.College if we spend more time somewhere that would be in a hostel. We tend to see our friends, roommates like our family, which really creates a great memory.

Asha Hegde, Quality Assurance Associate, Digital Dwarves, Goa.

M.Sc. ST provides a well curated syllabus keeping in mind the current market demand for required skill-sets. What’s commendable is that AIMIT makes sure to keep its courses at par by upgrading the syllabus & introducing technologies that are most valued in industries. This 2-year course offers dedicated subject-lines such as Core Java, Android and RDBMS, to name a few. It’s needless to say that these subjects are evergreen in the IT industry & the exposure given in terms of theory & practices definitely gives the student a fair idea and knowledge to navigate through his career.

Shawn D’souza, Software Engineer, Cerner Corporation, Bangalore.

During my time in AIMIT, I had the opportunity to work with some of the great minds. The education and culture at AIMIT helped me gain insight into vast domains of opportunities. We had a thrilling experience of creating and deploying apps to Google Play. It was more than programming we learnt at AIMIT, soft skills, IT Fests, talks and classes on entrepreneurship were all part of the curriculum. The skillset acquired in AIMIT has helped me progress in my professional career.

Namratha S, Project Analyst Dell-EMC, Bangalore.

As a student of AIMIT I can truly say that adjusting to the professional world wasn’t a huge task. The students in AIMIT are treated in a way how one would be treated in professional forefront. AIMIT helped me mould myself into a better version of me by giving me opportunities and experiences that I’m sure I wouldn’t have got elsewhere.The syllabus of AIMIT made sure I was incorporating and aware of new advancements in the field of technology, which gave me a better push than the others after my Masters. Also, including the add-ons like “Principles of management “ into the course of a tech student helped me to venture better directly with the org clients than most other tech freshers.Lecturers were very determined and always ready to help, also I always felt like they wanted every student to succeed. In the end I would like to quote, “AIMIT Is a equal balance of learning and opportunities”.

Elvis Lobo, Software Engineer, Channel Bridge Bangalore.

M.Sc. Software Technology has given me the idea of what career path I want to pursue. AIMIT has many subjects in the course for example Data Mining, Business Intelligence, Data Structures etc which are the current trending topics in the IT industry. Along with the subjects we had mandatory projects which gave us an idea about the real world. College fests helped me to mingle with other people and boosted my social skills. College location was really good, as it was situated outside the main city. It gave us a good peaceful environment to study/work in.

Shravya Bhat, Software Engineer / Freelance Developer & International Bharathnatyam Dancer.

As I was just a graduate with very little knowledge on technology. The two year course was in itself a package of learning new languages right from basics, importance given to practical classes changed the way i looked at programming. I had literally got very good teachers and friends from whom it was all possible for me to not only learn but also never forget what I learnt. For me Aloysius was one of the best colleges even when it came to co-curricular activities as well. I always feel short of words talking about my experience here.

Shyamala Hegde, Cluster Coordinator, HDFC Bank, Mangalore.

Well it won’t be an exaggeration if I say AIMIT has the best environment for all round development of an Individual. A superb balance is made between the academics and extracurricular activities. The faculty is awesome, you can have a good, productive interactive session with the faculty and get your concepts cleared. The quality of education that they provide is excellent and prepares the students for competitive exams too.

Roshal Rosario, Software Engineer Intern – TechJini Bangalore.

As I am currently doing my Final Internship at TechJini Bangalore the M.Sc. Software Technology course has helped me in my Campus Placement at TechJini. The syllabus is updated with new technologies (Python, Angular, React and React Native etc). Practical knowledge given after understanding the theory part of any technology.Solving problems in Hacker Rank helped in thinking, understanding and improve coding skills. We worked on various type of Projects and prepared for the interview. The faculty come with good knowledge about the subject, technology with interesting classes.

These are few journeys with M.Sc. Software Technology programme; there are hundreds. As from the academic year 2020 the curriculum is going to be more advanced with the Industry partner, there is no doubt that it will create IT professionals in the Disruptive Domain Technologies to balance with the VUCA world. Since the admission for the 2020-21 has begun, the final year BCA and B.Sc. Candidates can contact the Department on 9141201855 or by sending an email to and apply online on

  • Prof Santhosh Rebello