St Aloysius (Deemed to be University) Holds National Seminar on “Challenges and Opportunities in the Global Chemistry Enterprise” – KONKANCATHOLIC.COM

St Aloysius (Deemed to be University) Holds National Seminar on “Challenges and Opportunities in the Global Chemistry Enterprise”

February 20, 2024

Mangaluru: The Postgraduate Department of Studies and Research in Chemistry, in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship and Consultancy Cell at St. Aloysius (Deemed to be University) organized a one-day National Seminar on “Challenges and Opportunities in the Global Chemistry Enterprise” on February 19, 2024, in Fr. LF Rasquinha Hall, LCRI Block.

Mr. Pramod Hegde (founder and managing director, Medorganics India PVT Ltd) was the chief guest and delivered an impactful keynote address. He emphasized the need for professionals in global chemistry rather than merely chasing monetary funds.

In his presidential remarks, Rev. Dr. Praveen Martis SJ, Vice Chancellor of St. Aloysius (regarded as a university), discussed the challenges and opportunities faced by students in the ‘Zen See Generation’ in the global chemistry landscape.

The seminar featured four distinguished speakers, including an online speaker, enriching the discourse by bringing in global perspectives without physical limitations.

SESSION Highlights:

The first session navigated the entrepreneurial landscape within the global sector, emphasizing innovation and the challenges faced by emerging start-ups. The speaker, Dr. Ravishankar Bhat, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of the biological research innovation center and solutions, LLP Bangalore, shared valuable insights and introduced a dedicated website,, as a valuable resource for enthusiasts.

The second session offered a detailed analysis; the speaker, Ms. Swathi Devadiga, Senior Manager, Quality Primacy Industries Pvt. Ltd., Mangalore, outlined the intricacies of manufacturing and underscored the numerous opportunities available within the industry. The session provided the attendees with a deeper understanding of the operational aspects of the prominent company, enriching the discourse on the practical application of chemistry in the corporate landscape.

Dr. Vijayendra S. Shetti, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, NITK Surathkal, illuminated the audience on the fascinating subject of Porphyrin themed molecular architecture, providing valuable insights into its significance and potential application in the field of chemistry.

Dr. Joel Cornelio, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham, UK, and a prominent alumnus of the Chemistry Department, joined the event remotely, delivered an insightful presentation on “photophysics of metal-organic frameworks,” shedding light on the properties of these materials in the realm of chemistry.

The diverse speaker’s sessions collectively contributed to a rich and enlightening experience.

Dr.Vinola Rodrigues. The head of the Department of Postgraduate Studies and Research in Chemistry welcomed the gathering. Dr. Jyothi N. Rao, the convenor of the National Seminar, delivered a gracious vote of thanks.