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Snehalaya, Manjeshwar, reunites Marimuttu with her family

October 24, 2023

Mangaluru: Snehalaya, Manjeshwar, October 20, 2023. In a heartwarming celebration, Marimuttu was reunited with her family. Marimuttu, who had been navigating the challenging streets of Kasaragod, Kerala, while grappling with mental health issues, found salvation in the form of the dedicated Pink Police of Kasaragod and was admitted to the Snehalaya Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre on October 14, 2023.

Marimuttu’s journey to recovery has been nothing short of inspirational. Through the unwavering commitment of Snehalaya’s management and staff, her mental health has improved considerably. With time, she felt comfortable enough to share her family’s details. Her struggle began during her overseas employment, and upon her arrival in Kasaragod for work, personal issues compounded her mental health challenges.

October 20th was a joyous occasion as Marimuttu’s family traversed the distance from Tamil Nadu to be by her side. Snehalaya extended its heartfelt best wishes to Marimuttu as she embarked on this new phase of her life.

The team at Snehalaya expresses deep appreciation to its kind-hearted supporters and contributors who have been instrumental in Marimuttu’s journey to recovery.