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Overwhelming Response to Father Muller Medical College Hospital’s Cancer Awareness Campaign

February 10, 2024

Mangaluru, Feb. 9, 2024: Father Muller Medical College Hospital (FMMCH), in collaboration with the Indian Cancer Society, recently organized a remarkable event commemorating World Cancer Day and World Childhood Cancer Day. The event, aimed at raising awareness and facilitating donations, witnessed an unexpected surge in participation, leaving organizers awestruck.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding turnout for such causes, the community rallied together, displaying remarkable generosity and compassion. A staggering number of 97 hair donations and 127 blood donations were made in just three hours, reflecting the immense support garnered from individuals of all ages and genders.

The event featured a diverse range of participants, from a 4-year-old donor to a 75-year-old, each contributing in their own unique way. Women particularly stood out, showing a significant presence in blood donation efforts.

Under the leadership of Dr. Kirana Pailoor, Prof. and Head of the Department of Immunohaematology and Blood Transfusion (IHBT), and with the collaboration of Father Muller Blood Centre, the blood donation drive was conducted seamlessly. Simultaneously, the “Locks of Love” hair donation campaign, led by Veera’s dudes&dolls Style Studio and supported by Dr. Lenisha Sequeira, senior resident radiotherapy, and Dr. Jnaneshwari Jayaram, assistant professor of surgical oncology, garnered immense participation.

The program commenced with an impromptu inauguration blessed by the Director of FMCI, Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, who emphasized the significance of giving and its power to bring joy and harmony to the lives of others.

The well-organized campaign unfolded in the Muller Mini Hall, Convention Centre, under the guidance of department representatives Dr. Nishitha Shetty, Prof. Medical Oncology, and Dr. Chandana Pai, Asst. Prof. & Paediatric Hemato-oncologist, Dept. of Paediatrics. Dr. Sweta Dcunha, Course Coordinator, Dept. of Hospital Administration, FMCOAHS, along with her BHA students, played a crucial role in maintaining decorum throughout the event.

The success of the event was further accentuated by the enthusiastic participation of students from various colleges in and around Mangalore, as well as volunteers from the general public. Their overwhelming response not only exceeded expectations but also added a touch of grandeur to the noble cause. The streamlining of the event and methodical preparations were handled by Rev. Fr Ajith B. Menezes, Administrator, FMMC, and the venue was provided by the Director of FMCI for the cause. The heads of departments, Dr Rohan Gatty Surgical Oncology, Dr Dinesh Shet Medical Oncology, Dr Donald Fernandes Radiotherapy, were among the dignitaries present, along with other emcee members.

In conclusion, the remarkable turnout at the FMMCH Cancer Awareness Campaign serves as a testament to the community’s solidarity and commitment to fighting against cancer. Through their collective efforts, they have not only raised awareness but also significantly contributed to supporting cancer survivors and patients.