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Mount Carmel Kindergarten and Primary Students Celebrate National Science Day

February 29, 2024

Mangaluru: The kindergarten and Primary sections of Mount Carmel Central School, Mangaluru, joyfully commemorated National Science Day on February 27, 2024, with a Science Exhibition aimed at instilling a passion for science in the young minds.

The celebration commenced with a prayer song. The gathering was warmly welcomed, and amidst a flurry of excitement, Mr Narendra Rayana, Lecturer of Chemistry at Canara Vikaas PU College, graced the occasion as the chief guest and unlocked the Exhibition Hall by cutting the ribbon, along with Principal Sr Melissa and administrator Sr Carissima.

In his inspiring message, the chief guest emphasized the importance of creativity, urging students to innovate and think beyond boundaries while explaining Sir C.V. Raman’s principle of colour effect on the blue sky and the blue ocean.

The exhibition hall buzzed with excitement as visitors explored a diverse array of science models crafted by the diligent students. Themes spanned across various domains, offering insights into crucial topics such as ecological sustainability, pollution encompassing air, water, and land, and the intricate balance of healthy and unhealthy food choices. The exhibits also shed light on the diverse world of plants, farming techniques, and the rich weaving of the animal kingdom, including aquatic life, reptiles, and both wild and domestic species. Additionally, they explored the journey of raw materials to finished products, gained awareness about different habitats and homes across species and cultures, and discovered the significance of community spaces such as hospitals, police stations, and markets in the neighborhood. The exhibition also provided glimpses into the Earth’s diverse landforms, from plains to mountains, along with celestial wonders visible in both the day and night skies. Furthermore, emphasis was laid on the importance of resource and energy conservation, waste management practices, and the intricate workings of human organ systems. A notable highlight was the depiction of a community garden setup, symbolizing the collective efforts towards a sustainable future.

The success of the exhibition was a testament to the collaborative efforts of students, teachers, and parents. The dedication and hard work invested by all stakeholders in nurturing the students’ scientific curiosity was evident in every meticulously crafted model and presentation. The National Science Day celebration was not just a display of scientific prowess, but a reaffirmation of the school’s commitment to fostering a generation of curious minds equipped to tackle the challenges of the future.