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TEDxSJU held at St Joseph’s University, Bengaluru

April 11, 2024

Bengaluru: The TEDxSJU Bengaluru event, organized by the TEDx team at St. Joseph’s University and licensed by Satyam and Vanshika, took place on March 20th. With the theme “Looking through the Prism,” the event aimed to showcase how knowledge can diversify rigid ideas into various perspectives. The carefully selected talks revolved around concepts such as “Classroom Experiences of a Trans Teacher,” “Interspecies Money,” “Deepfakes,” and others, highlighting ordinary topics through unique viewpoints.

The roster of distinguished speakers included experts from diverse backgrounds like law, academics, entrepreneurship, medicine, and entertainment. Some notable speakers were Dr. Roshan Jain, Dr Lena Robra from Swissnex in India, Dhananjay Singh (founder of Robopreneur), Manish Chowdhary (co-founder of WOW Skin Science), Saakshar Duggal (UN speaker, lawyer, and AI expert), Ragini Dwivedi (actress and philanthropist), Mannara Chopra (model and actress), Nadika Nadja (professor at St Joseph’s University), Syed Asad Abbas, and Dr Kiran Jeevan (PRO at St Joseph’s University). Additionally, Ravindra Sharma (Chief Branding Officer of SBI LIFE) and Chhavi Mittal (actress) attended as special guests, contributing valuable insights and encouragement regarding breast cancer awareness.

Supportive partners like Goldwings Aviation, Vistaar Media Agency, SERVO Indian Oil (associate partner), and Verve (co-sponsor) contributed significantly to the success of this impactful event. By sharing enlightening thoughts and engaging performances, TEDxSJU Bangalore successfully inspired attendees to innovate, create, and broaden their horizons while fostering a sense of unity and enthusiasm for the future generation’s benefit.