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St Philomena College NSS Units conduct Activity at Adopted Kedambady Village

September 30, 2023

Puttur, 29 September: “We, as humans, are deeply intertwined with the natural world. Every accomplishment we celebrate is a product of the invaluable resources bestowed upon us by Mother Nature. It is our solemn duty to ensure the preservation of this precious gift. With this noble purpose in mind, the National Service Scheme (NSS) has initiated a noteworthy program,” said Rev. Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro, the Principal of the college, in his presidential address at the Tree Plantation Programme organised by the College NSS Units at Nidyana in Kedambady Village, adopted recently by the NSS Units of St Philomena College.

The NSS coordinator, Mr Vasudeva, pointed out that India, being located in the torrid zone, should ideally have 33% of its land covered in forests. However, recent surveys indicate that only 22–24% of the land is currently under forest cover. The alarming decrease in forested areas has resulted in a surge of natural calamities. The extension activity carried out by NSS volunteers is a commendable effort to address this issue. It underscores the urgent need for us to be responsible stewards of our environment and preserve it for the benefit of future generations.

During this activity, NSS volunteers successfully planted more than a hundred saplings, including teak, baenga, jackfruit, wild jack, rosewood, purple fruit, and kokum. The event received wholehearted support from the Kedambadi Grama Panchayat, with Panchayat Development Officer Ajith K, President Sujata N, Vice President Jayalakshmi, and member Vittala

The Programme Officer Pushpa N, Secretary Vaishnavi, NSS leader Sinchan, and the dedicated volunteers, along with Mr Ponnappa, an alumnus of the college, were present on the occasion to provide necessary support.