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St Aloysius College to hold Innovative Yaksharoopaka ‘Griha Bhanga’

January 22, 2024

Mangaluru: The Ranga Adhyayana Kendra, St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru, in association with the Kannada Department, organizes a stage show called “Grihabhanga” Yaksharupaka on Tuesday, January 23rd, at Sahodaya Hall of the College at 2:30 pm sharp.

On the thirteenth day of the Kurukshetra war, all the Atirathas and Maharathas of the Kaurava army, together with their war tactics, show the pinnacle of human cruelty by killing Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu. This text, which is the most popular episode in Yakshagana, has been creatively reworked in the concept of ‘Griha Bhanga’ on the premise of renouncing violence and spreading love everywhere. Most of the verses from the ‘Abhimanyu Kalaga’ episode of the legendary Yakshagana poet Devidasa, which are professional performances in fairs, are left out, and the verses from the 17th-century Paramadeva poet’s ‘Turanga Bharata’ Vardhaka Shatpadi are mostly used here. In addition, Ganapati Stuti from Girish Karnad’s play ‘Hayavadana’ and Shivastuti Shloka from Nandikeshwara’s Abhinaya Darpan have also been included. Apart from that, some verses have been newly created to complement the episode.

The background artists of Sri Hanumagiri Mela will participate in this stage presentation of about one and a half hours duration. The duo of Chinmaya Bhatt and Ravichandra Kannadikatte, along with Vishwas Krishna’s violin playing, will add a special touch to the background music. Permude Jayaprakash Shetty’s Drona and Rakshit Shetty Padre’s Subhadre of the Hanumagiri Mela in Mummela are the special attractions of the show. Thirty students of the college will perform in this great event, and seven professors will support the students. Rakshit Shetty Padre has composed the choreography for the show, while Christopher Ninasam will provide the lighting design. Griha Bhanga Yaksharoopaka will be staged according to the idea and design of Dr. Dinesh Nayak of the Kannada Department.

Entry to this event is free and open to the public as well.