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St Agnes College organizes online certificate course on Ethical Values in Governance and Psychosocial Aspects

August 27, 2020

Mangaluru: St Agnes College (Autonomous) the departments of Political Science and Psychology conducted an online certificate course titled Ethical Values in Governance and Psychosocial Aspects, which was of 30 hours duration, from 12 August to 26 August 2020.

84 students of PU, Degree and PG from different colleges of Mangaluru were the participants who enrolled for the course. The course was designed with an objective to understand the congruence and prominence between Ethical values in Governance and the Psychosocial Aspects. The resource persons were Mrs Gayathri BK, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Ms Yamini Gowda PC, Psychologist and Ms Athena Aranha, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology. The course was conducted through Google meet, virtual platform.

Session conducted by Mrs Gayathri BK involved Meaning of Ethics, its framework, dealing with ethical dilemmas, creativity, accountability and positivity in public service, community building, working principles of moral absolutes , current ethical values and issues, and also benefits of Ethics and Values.

Session conducted by Ms Yamini Gowda PC comprised of concept of leadership, qualities of a good leader, nature vs nurture, attitudes and its formation, prejudice and stereotypes, common addictions, types of abuse and prevention, media, violence and its influence on children and youth.

Ms Athena Aranha touched upon health and its implications, bio-psychosocial model of health, types of health and measures to stay fit. Relationship between individual and community, community health and significance, different types of health care services, types of health professionals and impact of health workers on community.

All the sessions went on well; a positive feedback was given by the participants on daily basis. Participants actively involved and interacted in every session, group discussion and assessments through quiz, question & answer and assignments were also done. The E – certificates were given to the participants who regularly attended and completed the course successfully.

Principal of the college Sr Dr M. Venissa A.C. encouraged the departments with her best wishes to conduct the course. Dr Hithakshi B, HOD of Psychology and Mrs Gayathri, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science were the organizers of the online certificate course.