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Seminar on “Big Data and Artificial Intelligence” held at Vijaya College Mulki

February 15, 2020

Mangaluru: Mrs. Anushree Raj, HOD – MSc. Big Data Analytics, St Agnes college delivered a talk on “Big Data and Artificial Intelligence” on Feb14th for BSc Computer Science students at Vijaya Degree College, Mulki,  Mangaluru.

Mrs. Jyothi, HOD Computer Science Department, Vijaya College introduced the resource person to the students. Mrs. Anushree Raj addressed the student’s giving an insight on what is big data and how the data analytics plays an important role in our real life with suitable case studies and real time examples. Students were given a deep understanding on data analytics, big data technology, machine learning and Artificial intelligence. They were also briefed on various career opportunities in the field of data analytics and also drawn attention towards the skills essential to grab a variety of professional positions. She enlightened the students by introducing them with the two courses, M.Sc. Big Data Analytics and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Data Analytics offered by the PG Department of Big Data Analytics at St Agnes College (Autonomous) Centre for Post Graduate Studies and Research, Mangaluru.

Students of MSc Big data Analytics personally interacted with the computer science students by clarifying some of their doubts in the courses offered and the study environment at St Agnes. The informative session made students motivated and gain insight in these fields of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.