Rajajinagar Konkani Catholic Welfare Association (RKCWA) Hosts Successful Screening of Superhit Konkani Movie ‘Nirmillem Nirmonem’ in Bangalore – KONKANCATHOLIC.COM

Rajajinagar Konkani Catholic Welfare Association (RKCWA) Hosts Successful Screening of Superhit Konkani Movie ‘Nirmillem Nirmonem’ in Bangalore

November 8, 2023

Bangalore, November 4th, 2023: The Rajajinagar Konkani Catholic Welfare Association (RKCWA) recently organized a successful special screening of the highly acclaimed Konkani movie ‘Nirmillem Nirmonem’ at Govardhan Theatre in Bangalore on Saturday, November 4th, 2023.

The event commenced promptly at 6:30 PM, with a warm welcome extended to the distinguished chief guests for the evening: Seema Buthello, Ronnie Fernandes, and Charles Gomes, all of whom played pivotal roles in the film. The evening began with a small stage event during which the Rajajinagar Association honored and recognized the well-wishers of this movie.

Ronnie Fernandes took the stage to urge all Konkani enthusiasts to continually promote the Konkani language and its cinema. He expressed heartfelt gratitude to Alwin, Dolfy, Derick, Godwin, and all the dedicated association members for their initiative in bringing this Konkani movie to the screens of Bangalore. Seema Buthello, the female lead of the movie, extended her thanks to RKCWA and called on everyone to support upcoming Konkani films. Charles Gomes shed light on the challenges of creating Konkani cinema and underscored the importance of supporting Konkani films driven by a deep love for the language.

Mr. Alwin Saldanha, the President of RKCWA, conveyed his gratitude on behalf of the association by presenting roses as tokens of appreciation to all the well-wishers. He emphasized that the purpose of screening this movie is to help elderly and underprivileged individuals on behalf of RKCWA. He expressed heartfelt thanks to Mr. Dolfy D’Cunha for his tireless efforts and special support in bringing this film to the audience. Mr. Saldanha also acknowledged the unwavering support from volunteers and all the attendees, including numerous Konkani movie lovers who turned out in large numbers. The event was eloquently compared by Dr. Maria Pramila Dsouza.

The special screening drew Konkani families from various associations across Bangalore, all of whom shared positive reviews of the movie. RKCWA thoughtfully arranged for snacks and refreshments for all the attendees, leaving everyone content. This event marked a significant milestone as it brought a high-quality Konkani movie to the screens of Bangalore, filling a long-existing gap. Attendees expressed their heartfelt appreciation to RKCWA for spearheading this special initiative.