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Mangaluru: Education alone does not makes a man educated – Eric Correa

February 17, 2020

Mangaluru: “Sincerity, Self Confidence, Commitment and Intransigent are the keys to a successful career” opined philanthropist Eric Correa. He was speaking as the chief guest at Student Support Programme organized by Patha Darshini Seva Trust ® at Sandesha on February 16th.

Quoting the famous saying ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’ he further said by constructing and donating houses to the needy he has given only fish to men but by supporting students in education Patha Darshini Seva Trust really teaching students to fish.

“Education alone does not make a man educated. Education with human values only makes a man educated. To come up in life positive thinking and giving importance to minute details is also very important” he added.

Educationist Prof. Philomena Lobo inaugurated the Programme by lighting the lamp accompanied by Eric Correa, resource person Prof. Dr. Alwyn D’Sa, Managing Trustee Prof Stephen Quadrose of Patha Darshini Seva Trust® and students.

In her inaugural address Prof. Philomena Lobo said “A clear goal is very important in life. During our times we had very limited options like science, commerce or arts. But today plenty options are available to students. Still students lack skills. Even commerce graduates do not know how to write and sign a cheque”

Citing example of her late father who was a businessman she said “Though he studied only up to fourth standard his business skills were excellent. These skills can be learnt only by applying wisdom and not mere accumulating information like encyclopedia.”

She urged the student not to underestimates self, not to overestimate others, develop positive attitude towards life and improve thinking capacity.

Prof Stephen Quadrose, Mangaing Trustee of Patha Darshini Seva Trust® introduced and welcomed the guests. He said as the name suggests, trusts aim is to show and guide the students a path towards their goal and support them in best possible way. Hence it is called Student Support Programme and not scholarship distribution programme.

Prof. Dr. Alwyn D Sa conducted a session for students.

Trustees of Patha Darshi Seva Trust, Anil Coelho, Sunil Menezes, Roman Lobo, Prof Vincent D Souza were present on the occasion.

Sunil Menezes proposed vote of thanks. Mahesh Shetty compered the programme.