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Mangalore Diocese Mega Bible Convention Concludes with a Focus on Spiritual Growth and Family Unity

February 26, 2024

Mangaluru, February 25: The Mangalore Diocese Mega Bible Convention, organized by the Mangalore Diocesan Service Communion (MDSC) and the Bible Commission, reached its climax at the Holy Cross Church, Cordel Grounds, Mangalore, with a strong emphasis on spiritual enlightenment and the revitalization of families. Approximately 10,000 faithful individuals, many accompanied by their families, gathered for this significant event, seeking spiritual growth and communal renewal.

The day commenced with a stirring praise and worship session led by Kevan Dsouza, MDSC’s coordinator. Families joined in collective worship, guided by the melodious voices of Rony D’Souza, Ambembal, and the team, fostering an atmosphere filled with spiritual fervour and familial unity.

The Most Rev. Dr Aloysius Paul Dsouza, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Mangalore, presided over the Eucharistic Mass. Rev. Fr Clifford Fernandes, Parish Priest of Cordel Church and Spiritual Director of MDSC, delivered a compelling sermon titled “We are created and called to be transfigured,” encouraging attendees to reflect on faith’s transformative power in family life, emphasizing trust in the Lord and adherence to the Word of God.

Rev. Fr Edattu VC delivered an impassioned discourse, accompanied by prayer sessions for deliverance and healing, providing a profound spiritual experience for attendees. Translation assistance was provided by Rev. Fr Andrew Dsouza and Fr Joseph Martis.

A special prayer and healing session tailored for families marked the convention’s conclusion, leaving attendees uplifted by the shared journey of spiritual enlightenment and renewal. The convention’s legacy is expected to endure, nurturing familial bonds and strengthening faith within the community in the days ahead. Top of Form

“The future of the events of MDSC and its history will be available on,” said Mr Kevan, the coordinator.

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