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Mangalore Diocese joins with Universal Church in Momentous Jubilee 2025 Preparations

November 27, 2023

MANGALORE, NOV 26: The Roman Catholic Diocese in Mangalore set the stage for the upcoming Jubilee 2025, commemorating 2025 years since the birth of Jesus Christ, with a ceremonious inauguration on November 26, 2023. Led by Most Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha, the Bishop of Mangalore, the event unfolded at the Our Lady of Holy Rosary Cathedral, Rosario, in Mangalore.

The inauguration witnessed the unveiling of the Jubilee Logo, marking the beginning of preparations for the Jubilee-themed ‘Pilgrims of Hope.’ Bishop Peter Paul Saldanha initiated the proceedings on the auspicious occasion of the Solemnity of Christ the King. He led a prayer dedicated to the Jubilee, joined by priests and the congregation in recitation, which was followed by the singing of the Jubilee song.

In his address, Bishop Saldanha emphasized the significance of the Jubilee 2025, stating, “Every year is marked after Jesus’ birth, signifying a division in history. With the upcoming Ordinary Jubilee in 2025, we aim to celebrate Jesus, the Church, and our faith.” He outlined the two-year preparatory roadmap: 2023 as the Year of the Council (Year of Learning) and 2024 as the Year of Prayer.

Highlighting the Holy Father’s directive, Bishop Saldanha emphasized the study of the Four Constitutions of the Second Vatican Council, stressing their importance in guiding and directing the faithful. To aid this learning, 35 booklets providing insights into the Second Vatican Council and the Four Constitutions have been made available in English and electronic formats, urging individuals to delve into these treasures.

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The inaugural ceremony witnessed the presence of Rev.Fr Alfred J. Pinto, Rector of the Cathedral, along with Fr Vinod Lobo, assistant parish priest, Fr Santhosh Dsouza, Fr Harry Dsouza, Fr Trishan Dsouza, and Dr John D Silva, Parish Vice-President.

Simultaneously, all churches across the Mangalore diocese participated in the inauguration, unveiling the Jubilee logo, reciting dedicated prayers, and singing the Jubilee Song. Parish Priests across these churches elucidated the significance of the Logo and its symbolism to the congregations. Additionally, congregants were treated to a short video message from Bishop Peter Paul Saldanha regarding Jubilee 2025.

Report & Pics: Fr Anil Fernandes, CCC