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Lourdes Central School Observes “LCS HEALTH WEEK 2020”

August 14, 2020

Mangaluru: LCS Health Week is a sincere effort from Lourdes Central School to take the entire LCS family a few steps closer towards good health and hygiene. The school organised LCS Health Week from 3rd –9th August 2020, based on the theme “Be at ease without disease”.

The inaugural programme was viewed through a video by all the students in the virtual classroom. Principal, Rev. Fr. Robert D’Souza in his introductory note insisted that students should work towards good health by following healthy habits and consuming nutritious food. Ms. Belita Mascarenhas, vice principal, encouraged the students to follow a diet that includes veggies and gave extra tips to maintain good health.

The surprise tasks sent to the students were as follows: Day 1: salt water gargle followed by drinking warm water in the morning. Day 2: breathing exercise for five minutes. Day 3: a task of ten sit ups was given. Day 4: touching the toes ten times without bending the knees. Day 5: bending and touching alternate toes ten times. Day 6: meditation for 8 to 10 minutes. On the final day of the Health week: a task of laughter therapy was introduced.

The Kindergarten section conducted the health week with gusto. A video on Health was sent. A fitness video from PE teacher was sent along with the video of a student Ridma Pai from KG2. Surprise tasks were conducted on health. A video on health tips by Dr Annapurna R Prabhu, parent of Chandan Prabhu of Class 1 was sent to the students. A short video on Yoga and breathing exercises were taught to the children. On 8th August, a Week Health Planner was maintained by the students.

Class I and II, a fitness video from PET Teachers was sent along with the video of students Hugh Abner Rasquinha from class 1 and Joel Joannes of class 2 who spoke on health tips to remain healthy. Surprise tasks were conducted. A video on health tips by Dr Annapoorna R Prabhu was sent to the students. A short video on yoga and breathing exercises were taught to the children. A week planner was on health was to be maintained by the students.

Class III – had various activities on health. Students viewed a screening of the inaugural video and short briefing by the teacher. During the virtual classes Saanvi Rajesh of IIIa, Rania Mukthar of IIIb, Aaron D’Souza of IIIc and Rayyan Zeeshan Hameed of IIId expressed their views on importance of good health. Students were encouraged to take care of their health and were made aware of healthy practices through videos, yoga and by preparing their own ‘Health Planner’. A special session was organized by Dr Pramoda Laxman in which she guided the students on healthy habits.

Class IV celebrated the Health week with the same zeal even though they were not in school. Tanya spoke confidently on how to lead a healthy life and students participated in a talk on health by Dr. Anil Shetty, a pediatrician. The students completed the surprise tasks along with their family members.

Class V participated actively in the LCS Health week.On Monday morning the project was introduced by the teachers during the virtual classes. Week long activities were conducted for the students of class 5 like speech, viewing video on Healthy Eating Habits, different physical activities etc. Everyday some tips were given by the teachers to keep themselves clean and healthy during the virtual classes. Sessions by the Professional doctors were conducted.

Class VI a student from each section gave a short talk on the ‘Importance of Health’. The students were Shreya Hegde of Class 6 A and Shravan of Class 6 B. The task assigned for the second day was breathing exercises for five minutes with family members along with the previous task.

A short video on “12 steps of hand washing with soap and water” was shown during the virtual class. The task assigned was to perform ten sit-ups along with the family members. On 6th August, educational sessions by professional doctors were arranged by the School .They provided several health tips to be followed regularly by students to promote healthy body and mind.

A five minute video on “Warm-up exercises” was displayed to the students. Students had to prepare a health plan on “My health, my responsibility” under the guidance of the class teacher. A sample of the health planner was shared with the students. The students were requested to use their creativity to design their own health planner. Speaker Dr Rashmina D Souza spoke on good health tips.

Class VII the teachers addressed the students on how to maintain good health and its benefits as well. On the second day, Dhrishika Shetty, Joshua Karkad, Shreyas Kulal and Ishanvi Shetty were the smart speakers from the classes 7 who spoke on the importance of good health. Dr Priyatham Kamath stressed on good eating habits. Dr Diana Dsouza spoke on the importance of staying hydrated, necessity of sleep, mental health, discipline and brought awareness on healthy living. On day five, the PT teachers Mr Veerendra Alva and Mr Vishwanath Devadiga conducted meditation for batches I and II. Students made a health planner and followed the task given to them.

Class VIII, on 4th August a student each was selected by the respective class teacher to present a brief talk on health. On the 5th day of August, a short video was shown on how to wash and keep our hands clean. On Thursday the 6th of August, Dr. Vijendra Shenoy a renowned doctor enlightened the students with his talk on stress relief, balanced diet and health brief interaction with the teachers and students. On 7th August the teachers discussed the health benefits we get by regular exercises, through a video shown in the first period. The health pledge was taken by the students along with the family members.

Classes IX– Adin D’Costa of Class IXa and Shreya Arbi of Class IXb gave a talk on the importance of health. A video on the benefits of drinking warm water was shown. A short video on health was shown to the students. On 6th August Dr Lovely Kamath and Dr Melita Lobo addressed the students on health. They gave certain tips to live a healthy and happy life. Ms Anita Pinto and Ms Triveni briefed the students on the importance of physical exercise and meditation.

Class X students participated actively in all the activities. On August 4th Janvi Hegde from class Xa and Aditi Acharya of Xc addressed their peer on the topic “The importance of good health and ways to maintain good health”. A video on 12 steps to hand washing was shown. The students of class 10 had a talk by experts on good health. The students of batch 1 were addressed by Dr Arjun Nayak U.S. The students of batch 2 were addressed by Dr Ekta Nayak. The speakers educated the students on oral health and hygiene and also created awareness about substance abuse and its effects on health. PT teachers Mr veerendra Alva and Mr Vishwanath conducted a session on yoga and physical health.

Class XI students took part in the health week very enthusiastically. Richelle Saldanha of class 11 A shared her views on health and fitness. On the seventh of August a live session was organised, where the Physical Education teacher Mr Alva briefed the students on the significance of exercise and including physical activity in their daily schedule.

Class XII students were given a talk by Mr. Sanjeev Rodrigues on stress management. The Physical Education teacher Mr Vishwanath Devadiga advised the students on how to maintain a healthy diet.

The Health Committee of Ms Linet Dsouza, Ms Sharmila Colaco, Mr Henry Mascarenhas, Ms Prema Menezes, MsJasmine Shinoj and Ms Flavia Dcunha, have taken keen interest to make the health week a successful one.