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Lourdes Central School holds Staff Enrichment Programme

June 2, 2023

Mangaluru: Staff Enrichment Programme was organised for the staff of Lourdes Central School from 26 May 2023 to 31 May 2023 in the A V Room. Programme began at 8.00a.m. with the Prayer Song led by Mr Ivan Mascarenhas and intentions by Ms Pamela Pereira. The Manager Rev. Dr John Baptist Saldanha inaugurated the Staff Enrichment Programme by lighting the lamp and addressed the staff. He spoke about neatness, cleanliness and orderliness and urged them to have an attitude of gratitude.

Ms Belita Mascarenhas, the Vice Principal briefed about the School Diary. Ms Anita Thomas, the Vice Principal highlighted on school discipline and Ms Vidhya Joseph gave a bird’s eye view of step-by-step planning to a programme, Duties of a Class Teacher and briefed about the Art Integration Project. The Principal Rev. Fr Robert DSouza addressed the teachers and reminded them of their duties at school like creating WhatsApp Group, having Parent-Teacher Interactive Session, Days for Prize Distribution and what to be done in the class teacher period. The day’s session ended at 1.00p.m. with the vote of thanks delivered by Ms Francisca DSouza.

On 27 June 2023, Saturday, the programme began with the Prayer Song led by Mr Roshan Cordeiro. The First Session was conducted by Mr Ivan Mascarenhas on School Assembly Programme. He highlighted on the order, time limit and content of the progamme. Session II began at 9.00a.m. Ms Seema Lobo welcomed and introduced the Resource Person Prof. T J Quadras, Principal Glowinstar Academy, Udupi. Prof. T J Quadras spoke on the topic ‘Classroom Management’. He said that the teachers are the backbone of the school and a school is as good as its teachers. He stated that the eternal law of life was self sacrifice and teachers should have a vision, a mission, a passion and a positive attitude. He expressed that teachers should have twinkle in their eyes, smile on their faces and song in their hearts. The Session ended at 12.30p.m. and Ms Sowmya K proposed the vote of thanks.

On 29 June 2023, Monday, the programme began at 9.00a.m. Ms Lisa Peres welcomed the teachers and introduced the Resource Person Ms Sarah Ann Pereira, Academician, Next Education India Private Ltd – A highly skilled Teacher Trainer who has an extensive knowledge of the latest and most effective teaching methods. In the First Session, Ms Sarah Ann Pereira spoke on the topic ‘21st Century Skills’ which included Learning Skills, Literary Skills and Life Skills. She demonstrated the same with a group activity titled ‘Fruit Bowl.’ In the Second Session, she spoke about effective Classroom Management.

The Session ended at 12.30p.m. with the vote of thanks by Ms Deepika Fernandes.

Session III for Pre-Primary Teachers began at 1.15p.m. Ms Linette Pereira welcomed the gathering and introduced the Resource Person Ms Sreedevi, a Montessori Trained Profesional. Ms Sreedevi spoke on the topic ‘Curriculum.’ She guided the teachers to create a brighter tomorrow for today’s students by having a curriculum that gives complete holistic growth to the students, which includes age-appropriate information, developing linguistic skills, phonics whole language, cognitive skills, social and emotional skills. She also explained how the teachers should be well prepared to introduce, recognize, apply and recap the lessons. She highlighted on the use of Blooms Taxonomy.

The Session concluded with the vote of thanks by Ms Lavita DSouza.

A training Session was held for the Science and Mathematics Teachers of Classes I to XII at 1.30p.m. on the newly installed 3D Science and Mathematics Lab.

On 30 May 2023, Tuesday, the CBSE Capacity Building Programme on ‘Happy Classroom’ was organised in the School A V Room. The programme began at 9.00a.m. with the Prayer Song. Ms Harshitha Shetty welcomed the gathering and the dignitaries inaugurated the Programme by lighting the lamp. Ms Harshitha Shetty introduced the Resource Persons Mr Girish Kumar, Principal of Podar International School and Ms Akshata R Shenoy, Principal of Amrita Vidyalayam. The Principal Rev. Fr Robert DSouza spoke on the occasion and honoured them with shawl and school memento. The Resource Persons spoke on the topic ‘Happy Classroom’ and stressed that Teaching is an Art and Skill. Teachers should find happiness by giving happiness and also appreciating is another weapon to bring happiness. The First Session was conducted by Mr Girish Kumar, who stated that Happy Teachers create Happy Classroom. He explained the domains of Emotional Intelligence, namely Self Awareness, Self-Management, Self-Motivation, Relationship Management and Social Awareness.

Furthermore, Ms Askhatha Shenoy disclosed the pathways of happiness and demonstrated the ways to foster happiness in classrooms. The Session concluded with the teachers participating in the Mood Metre Activity and also answering a questionnaire.

Ms Theresa Monteiro delivered the vote of thanks.

On 31 May 2023, Wednesday, the programme began at 9.00a.m. Ms Lolita Mascarenhas welcomed the gathering and introduced the Resource Person Sr Ophilia Lobo, Principal, St Joseph’s Convent Senior Secondary School, Bathinda. Sr Ophilia was honoured with a shawl and memeto by the Principal Rev. Fr Robert Dsouza. Sr Ophilia Lobo is a Doctorate in Education who has handled multiple administrative roles. She spoke on the topic Non-Violent Communication. She reminded the reason for a person’s happiness is within himself. She asked the teachers to get connected with themselves, their families, their institution, their classroom and students. Connecting oneself to others includes two important parts, namely honesty and empathy. She conducted activities to identify the needs of students, and personal and family needs. To identify needs through feelings, an example of the chameleon was given. She reminded that the internal temperature describes the external nature, and that awareness of our feelings and the vocabulary to express them was very important.

Ms Neetha Pinto proposed the vote of thanks. Ms Harshitha Shetty who was in charge of the week-long Staff Enrichment Programme for Teachers did a commendable job. The Principal Rev. Fr Robert DSouza organized this Staff Enrichment Programme for the wellbeing of the teachers and students.