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LCS Social Science Week organised at Lourdes Central School

November 28, 2023

Mangaluru: LCS Social Science Week was organised at Lourdes Central School from November 20th to November 24th, 2023, for classes I to VIII on the theme ‘WORLDWISE’. The week-long programme included morning assembly by students of classes V, III, VI, VII, and IX in which students spoke about the significance of media, empires, clothes, and natural disasters. The Social Science Week was symbolically inaugurated by the Principal Rev. Fr Robert DSouza, Vice Principals Ms Belita Mascarenhas, and Ms Anita Thomas by opening the ribbon of the centrepiece with the theme ‘Worldwise’. Maquin Rodrigues of Class IXD gave a glimpse of the centrepiece portraying all the topics for the Social Science Model Making Competition, which was made and designed by him. Sharvi of Class IXA spoke about the significance of Social Science Week. A special song was sung by the school choir titled ‘The Earth Is My Home’ led by Mr Roshan Cordeiro and Mr Ivan Mascarenhas. Shreya Hegde of class IXA performed a classical dance depicting the beauty of nature. A spectacular presentation was displayed by the students of class VIII, highlighting the challenges faced by mankind through a skit called “The Global Tapestry.” While addressing the audience, the principal congratulated the coordinator, Ms Vidhya Joseph, and the social science teachers for taking a keen interest in bringing out the creativity and talents of the students. He motivated the students to make use of the opportunities to participate and exhibit their talents.

The week-long assemblies included poetry recitations on kingdoms and empires, the significance of clothes, and mimes on the management of natural disasters. They concluded with the model-making competition held on November 24, 2023, after the assembly from 8.15 a.m. to 11.25 a.m., which provided a good learning experience for the students.

The aims and objectives were as follows:

  1. To apply what the students learn and develop social skills necessary to live a      life of peace.
  2. To encourage creative thinking and promote psychomotor skills among students through self-designed models.
  3. To give students an opportunity to interpret the multi-cultural, social, political, and economic forces of our time.
  4. To showcase the talents of students and inculcate a feeling of oneness.

The students made models on the following topics:


  1. I: Day Sky and Night Sky
  2. II: Our Neighbourhood
  3. III: Clothes We Wear
  4. IV: Inspire Kindness to Mother Earth
  5. V: Natural Disasters
  6. VI: Empires
  7. VII: Media
  8. VIII: Industries

Models were considered for the subject enrichment activity. Criteria for judgement were design and layout, content and accuracy, artistic skill, and overall presentation. The best three models from each section were awarded certificates (I, II, and III Prizes) and two consolation prizes. The principal visited all the classes, viewed the models, and appreciated all the students for their efforts in preparing them.