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International women’s day at Sahodaya Bethnay Seva Kendra

March 9, 2023

Mangaluru: Sahodaya Bethany Seva Kendra, Arise Foundation and Bethany women’s federation jointly celebrated International women’s day, in keeping the  theme  set  by  the  United  Nations  for  2023  is:  “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”.

Program commenced with prayer dance by Sr Rashimitha and team invoking God’s blessings on all.  Guestswere welcomed by a welcome dance by MSW field placement students of School of Roshni Nilya, by offering flower plants. Program was inaugurated by lighting the diya by Sr Santhosh Maria BS and dignitaries of the day.

Sr Santhosh Maria in her speech highlighted the theme of the day and called for gender equality and said that today, a persistent gender gap in digital access keeps women from unlocking technology’s full potential.At the same time, digital technology is opening new doors for the global empowerment of women, girls and other marginalized groupthe digital age represents an unprecedented opportunity to eliminate all forms of disparity and inequality.  We all need to make efforts to make the digital world safer, more inclusive and more equitable. She appreciated women and wished them well for their future endeavours.

Day’s resource person Mr Shashidar Patgar Forensic adviser at Mangalore City Cyber Police department gave a detail understanding of Cybercrime explaining he said it is a criminal activity that either targets or uses a computer, a computer network or a networked device. Is Internet a safe? Asking this question he further explained that it not safe .Most cybercrime is committed by cybercriminals or hackers who want to make money.Through display he clarified the advantage and disadvantages of the mobile.He called on the women to be cautious in uploading any pictures in the Facebook or status. Further he said Cybercrime can be carried out by individuals or organizations. Some cybercriminals are organized, use advanced techniques and are highly technically skilled. Through social engineering the hackers make use of art of human trafficking.  It was a good learning and alarming to every to take good precautions in day today’s life.

There after skilldevelopment training students of tailoring and embroidery, domestic working girls, MSW students and Sahodaya staff and staged a short and meaningful program giving the massage to safe from the digital and human traffickers. Program geared that to make more efforts in reducing gender inequalities and discriminationof women and digital integration to create a space for women through policies and programmes that will result in gender equities.

 Students who excelled in Sahodaya competitive exam were awarded with cash prizes and certificates. Those trainees who completed their skill development trainings were also awarded with certificates.

Sr Estelita BS was honoured for extensive support in helping to prepared for Shodaoya competitive exams. Mrs Shobha and Mrs Sunita were honoured as the best leaders who conducted the internal audit of Sahodaya Self groups and of the federation. The chief guests of the program Sr Shaila the administrator of the Mother house Bethany convent, Sr Dona the Superior of the mother house Bethany convent, Mr Mohan ASI ,Sr Leena DCosta the  Program coordinator of Sahoday Betheny Seva Kendra, Mrs Prema the Presidenat of Sahodaya Mahila okkuta, Sahodaya staff Mrs Nalini, Mrs Renilla Roshni, Ms Ranjini , officers bearers of federation and SHGs ,  tailoring students and their instructors Mrs Sukanya, Mrs Jennifer, awardees of Sahodaya competitive exam and Headmistress  Sr Prefilda BS and Sr Pricilla BS ,Sisters from Bethany convent and BES staff were present. All were served snacks and meals.

MSW students of University College, Ms Annaporna Compered the program Ms Dhrasti,welcomed the gathering and  Ms proposed vote of thanks.

Sr Leena DCosta BS