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Father Muller Skin Bank inaugurated and blest

March 16, 2024

Mangaluru: March 15, 2024, witnessed another milestone in the lustrous journey of the Father Muller Medical College Hospital (FMMCH), having established the Father Muller Rotary Skin Bank in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Mangaluru.

Rotarian District Governor H.R. Keshav inaugurated the Skin Bank along with Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, the Director of Father Muller Charitable Institutions (FMCI). A plaque, too, was unveiled, showing the Rotary contributions and the grant number. 

Fr George Jeevan Sequeira, Administrator of FMMCH, gave an introduction to the need, development, and use for a cause while guiding the inaugural ceremony.

The premises of the new Father Muller Skin Bank was blest by Director FMCI, led by prayerful singing by Fr Ajith MMenezes,Administrator FMMC.

An honouring and establishment ceremony followed suit in the Decennial Memorial Hall, bringing Tye Father Muller Heads of departments and Rotarians together.

Chief Guest: Rotarian Major Donor H.R. Keshav, Dist. Governor, R.I. District 3181, in his address emphasizes the importance of thoughtfulness and truthfulness in the implementation of any project, which can convince even the hardest of hearts to do good. The analogy of a football team where the ball is rolled from player to player in strength was reflected in the Rotarian community. The world’s ideas and those of past presidents were taken over and accomplished, giving a sense of community belonging.

Rotarian Major Donor Archibald Menezes, Project Chairman, Rotary Club of Mangaluru, gave a brief on the workings of Rotary and the Skin Bank project, saying that the values of FMCI were in line with the objectives of Rotary International’s need-based and community-based efforts.

Director FMCI Rev. Fr Richard Aloysious Coelho, in his address, thanked the Rotary Club of Mangaluru for their trust in this institution. Dr Derek Lobo, CASK member, has in 2015 proposed a model of Skin Bank, but at that time, funds and place were a concern. Now, with the help of Rotary, the dream has been realized. 

Rotarians were honoured by the Director of FMCI, and the same honor was reciprocated by them towards the Director.

The vote of thanks was read by Rotarian R. K. Bhat, President of the (2022–23) Rotary Club of Mangaluru. The event was completed by Dr Rochelle Monteiro, Professor of Dermatology at FMMCH.

Administrator, Father Muller Medical College, Rev. Fr Ajith B. Menezes; Dean, Father Muller Medical College, Dr Antony Sylvan DsouzA; Medical Superintendent, Father Muller Medical College Hospital, Dr Uday Kumar; Guests of Honor: Rotarian Prakash Karanth, immediate past district governor, RID 3181; Rotarian Shivani Baliga, assistant governor, Zone 3, RID 3181; Rotarian Kishan Kumar, and President Rotary Club of Mangalore were seated on the dais. Members of the Heads of the Father Muller Family and Members of Rotary Club of Mangalore were present.

This Father Muller Skin Bank will go a long way toward helping those with burns or severe epidermal injuries access well-preserved and treated skin.

There is no alternative to human organs at present; this donation of human organs, especially skin, would go a long way in giving a new lease of life to others. The skin taken is only a few millimeters and is taken from parts of the body of the deceased that are not exposed.