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Father Muller Charitable Institutions 2022 Scholarship Disbursal Event

March 11, 2023

Mangaluru: In an impetus to create more professionals in the health care fields the Father Muller Charitable Institutions have instituted the Scholarship Programme to help socio-economically weaker students to dream big and be a part of the healthcare sector.

The Management Committee of FMCI headed by the Director Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho committed to bringing in an action plan to help the economically poor but meritorious students into health care education had borne fruit with the second ever scholarships.  What was once free ship or fee concession for poor students has been enhanced into scholarship with a difference “making professional of all”. The scholarships were provided to all deserving and selected students from the entire sister concerns of FMCI on 11 March 2023.

Director FMCI in his address focused on the main reason behind the scholarship.  Recognize meritorious students, identify socioeconomically poor deserving students (in line with the charitable nature of the institution), help in reducing the financial burden of professional course on the student and their guardians and impetus for other socio-economically poorer students to dream big and enter professional homeopathic/medical/allied health/nursing/paramedical courses

This year 51 students were given these instituted scholarships, which were given by the Director FMCI and chief guest Mr Stany Lobo, President, Catholic Sabha Mangalore Pradesh ®. Fr Slyvester Lobo Administrator FMHT welcomed the gathering and provided a bio-sketch of the chief guest.

Mr Stany spoke of the generosity towards the patients that the hospital gives and that his mere plea to the Director or Administrators of the Hospital is duly heard. Thus the nature of generosity of the Institutions which is not externally funded is to give and here today as scholarships. Though the generosity provided may be little to our eyes the overall people benefitted is to be embraced. The institutions pays taxes and helps in service of the financially poor and now you too have received its generosity which has to be treasured. Notable here is that the Institutions with its Director also gives impetus for excellence in academics. He gave pointer to the students’ to beware of habit forming substances of abuse, especially drugs that are given in the guise of chocolates by an unknown person who befriends for ulterior motives. His advice to parents was to be in constant touch with their children and be open to them so that the family is bonded and malicious thorns don’t creep in.

In his Presidential remark Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho asked the students to focus on studying better and helping others rise in education when time comes. Its the parents sacrifice that has brought their wards into professional education in our institutions. Self-centeredness and self loathing is to be shunned. What we have given you might be just a drop of water, but this makes a stream for which many may wade through. Being grateful is a sign of happiness and thus you too should contribute when possible to help others. Dedication, determination and discipline are the keys to make your dream come true. Be passionate and empowered professionals. He narrated an incident of Mother Teresa where she had helped a poor women whose family were starving with a few grains of rice. To her surprise she saw the woman she had helped go to her neighbours house and share the little that was given. Even though being in dire straits the woman still had the empathy to share of the little. Thus he emboldened the students not to be dejected at their poor financial background but climb in stride the ladder of success and be givers.  

What the right hand gives the left should not know; the institution just wanted to make know that there is opportunity to pursue a dream at FATHER MULLER, a place where EXCELLENCE AND QUALITY is never shy. The health care professionals have many subjects and years of studies, added to it is the amounting financial burden on the family. Seeing this as an opportunity and the yearning of students to be self reliant and healthcare workers, FMCI instituted the programme and has helped over 51 students pursuing studies in the institution in 2022 and is continuing to do so this year too. Over 50 lakhs worth scholarship and fee concessions were given to the students of these sister colleges.

Fr Ajith Menezes Admin FMMC, Fr Roshan Crasta Admin FMHMCH were present on the dais. The management committee members, Parents and students participated in the programme. The compeering of the event was done by Dr Crysle Saldanha and Ms Ciana Rodrigues proposed the vote of thanks. Ms Ida Sequeira Office Superintendent and Ms Jennifer, Secretary to the Dean FMMC read the names of the awardees.