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Farewell and Handover Ceremony at Father Muller Medical College

February 15, 2024

Mangaluru: The Father Muller Charitable Institutions (FMCI), with its over 14 decades of service in healthcare, embarks on transformation and reformation for holistic yet targeted growth. Adorning chairs is not what a position means but a job of selflessness and responsibility.

On the latter half 15 February 2024, the Management committee members, Advisory Committee members, and heads of departments gathered to elevate and exalt the chosen ones and bid farewell too. The handover and farewell ceremony for two important offices of Father Muller Medical College was held.

Dr Antony Sylvan Dsouza, Dean of FMMC, greeted the gathered and apprised them of the developments at hand and the need for continued support from the Chair of Head of Research and Vice Dean, all the while wishing farewell to Dr B. Sanjeev Rai, the incumbent Chief of Research. Not disclosing the names, he deemed it fit that the Director of FMCI disclose and bless those chosen.

Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director of FMCI, joyfully announced that the chair of the Head of Research would be handed over to Dr Ramesh Bhat (former Vice Dean of FMMC) and the chair of the Vice Dean to Dr Venkatesh BM (Professor of Medicine). Meanwhile, he acknowledged the support and bid farewell to Dr B. Sanjeev Rai.

Dr Ramesh, in his maiden speech as Head of Research, emphasizing the importance of translation research and the need for developmental and delivery research. He sought the cooperation of the faculty and staff in publishing quality research and any help in research activities. He voiced his vision of reviving the student article club and faculty training programmes. He thanked the Management for their trust in promoting him to Head of Research and promised his best at the job in hand and for the earlier post of Vice Dean of FMMC.

Dr Venkatesh BM, now the Vice Dean of the Father Muller Medical College, was humbled and a bit shaken upon being informed to be ready for a 3-minute speech at 1 pm on the same day. He felt elated at being recognized for the service tenure of over 31 years he continues to put at Father Muller. He promised to support the Dean and the Management along with the student body, in raising the medical college to greater heights.

Dr B. Sanjeev Rai, a stalwart at Father Muller, whose 30 years of dedicated and unstinted support for FMCI were recognized at his farewell, He felt proud to have served under 3 Bishops of Mangalore and adorned various titles and designations without ever moving out of his office, but only the designation plate got changed, all because of the trust the management had in him. He thanked the faculty and student body for their cooperation at every step during various newer implementations.

Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho echoed the joy of the faculty, thanking them for their support and acknowledgement of the chosen candidates. He remarked on the tenures of the candidates as follows:

Dr Ramesh Bhat has excelled in his academic stride with District, State, National and International recognitions and has thus also contributed to various research activities through publications and conferences, with many clinical trials in his portfolio that have made him a capable candidate for the post of Head of Research.

Dr Venkatesh has been a humble doctor and a satisfied soul whose care for his patients is unparalleled. He rose from the ranks of lecturer and Head of Department with love from colleagues and students. His tenure as NABH Coordinator highlighted his dedication to making the hospital the first in RGUHS to be accredited. He will surely do his work dutifully and passionately.

‘Dr B. Sanjeev Rai has been a support and companion during his tenure as an administrator. The newness in thought and articulation that he has is beyond comparison. He dreamt before anyone could, and even his teaching modalities, documentation, and division of subjects into standalone colleges were later imbibed by RGUHS. His 30 years of service have been crucial in helping make the hospital into a 150-UG intake hospital. His acumen for doing what needs to be done before time is the testimony of the institutions having the NABH and NABL accreditations. He joined the institutions as vice principal of the PG programme and rose steadily without even asking for more. He did his job to the fullest and best, and the void is not easy to fill.

The programme was well articulated by Rev. Fr Ajith B. Menezes Administrator, FMMC, and compeered by Dr Shivashankara A.R., Professor of Biochemistry.