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Establishment Day – The Apostolic Carmel Congregation in India

November 21, 2022

Mangaluru: The tiny sapling planted by Venerable Mother Veronica, the founder of the Apostolic Carmel Congregation in the year 1870 has grown as a mighty tree. She was ever attentive and attuned to the will of God and fulfilled her desires with heroic faith, generosity and a spirit of joyful surrender. St Agnes PU College conducted various activities from 13November 2022 to 19 November 2022 to remember and celebrate the life of Venerable Mother Veronica.

To help students get a deeper understanding of her saintly life, Mother Veronica‘s photos and videos on her life was displayed on the television projector. A digital painting competition, poetry writing competition and quiz on Mother Veronica was held for all the students. Students decorated the notice boards creatively with Venerable Mother Veronica’s gems and life.

Students formed a human chain displaying the number 200 to mark the opening year of Bicentennial Celebration of the Birth of Mother Veronica (1823-2023).

To mark the 116th death anniversary of Venerable Mother Veronica, on 19th November. Holy Mass was celebrated and Mother Veronica’s portrait was adorned with a garland with much devotion and reverence. A sapling was planted by the Principal, Vice Principal, staff and students and a documentary ‘Life in Letters’ on her life was shown to the students.

The varied activities conducted helped students to understand and imbibe the values and virtues of Venerable Mother Veronica.