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Embracing Unity: The Essential Essence for Societal Well-Being, Professed by Dr. K. Phaniraj

September 21, 2023

Mangaluru: In the heart of Mangaluru, literary luminary Dr. K. Phaniraj expounded on the vital need for a sense of alliance to nurture societal harmony. Speaking at the inauguration of the symposium themed ‘Cells of Love in Diverse India,’ hosted by the Saint Mother Teresa Forum on the 26th Commemoration Day of Saint Mother Teresa at the City Hall, he underscored the significance of unity.

“Hate is a simplistic sentiment, while love embodies a profound complexity. It is effortless to manipulate for power and wealth, with no shortage of enablers. In such a landscape, the true essence of love is genuinely spiritual,” he shared. India, unfortunately, has witnessed the scars of communal strife, characterized by violence, hatred, and unforgivable acts such as rape. Dr. Phaniraj emphasized that for social democracy to thrive, the spirit of brotherhood must be as fundamental as our daily sustenance—imbued within us like the very air we breathe.

“Equality cannot merely be safeguarded through legislation; it must be ingrained in our societal fabric. If equality and fraternity are to endure, equitable resource distribution is imperative,” Prof. Phaniraj stated. He attributed conflicts to those who undermine the sense of camaraderie, eroding the foundation of alliances.

Understanding the Constitution’s Fundamental Principle: Unity

Echoing this sentiment, retired NSS officer Dr. Gananath Shetty stressed the essence of an inner revolution rooted in understanding reality. He illuminated Gandhiji’s belief that genuine revolution originates from our innermost being and hinges upon our thought processes. The ethos of India’s Constitution—equality, liberty, fraternity, and social justice—was emphasized as a bedrock, urging for mutual respect and acknowledgment of each individual’s rights and freedoms.

“Today, our society often places more importance on rituals than on the teachings of love. Humanity is a cell of love that requires nurturing,” Dr. Shetty added. Drawing inspiration from the selfless life of Mother Teresa, he highlighted the importance of service, compassion, and seeing the divine in all.

Roy Castellino, President of the Saint Mother Teresa Forum, emphasized the role of youth, the future torchbearers of India. He paid homage to Mother Teresa, a beacon of humanity, and underscored the need for emulating her spirit of love and service. The Saint Mother Teresa Forum, he mentioned, was established to disseminate love and compassion inspired by her teachings.

Acknowledging the Contributions: A Celebration of Love and Compassion

Distinguished attendees, including former Mayor of Mangalore K. Ashraf and retired principal Dr. Vasant Kumar, added their perspectives, underscoring the enduring impact of Saint Mother Teresa’s legacy. They celebrated her unwavering dedication to serving the marginalized and the destitute, embodying love in its purest form.

In this gathering of compassionate souls, it became evident that desire, often the root of suffering, manifests not only in material wants but also in selfishness, hatred, and communalism. Dr. Shetty urged a transcendence of these base desires, envisioning a world where humanity rises above the mundane, as envisioned by the revered poet Kuvempu.

In essence, the symposium reiterated the timeless wisdom that love, compassion, and unity are the pillars upon which a harmonious society stands, steering humanity towards a more enlightened and altruistic future. With the teachings of Mother Teresa as their guide, those present pledged to propagate love as the fundamental force that binds and uplifts society.