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Centenary celebrations of St Joachim’s Church Kadaba to be held on April 17

April 15, 2024

Kadaba: St Joachim’s Church Kadaba belongs to the Diocese of Mangalore, which is 85 km to the south-east of Mangalore.

Originally, Kadaba was a part of Kokkada parish. It was separated in 1923.  Fr Rosario D. Sequeira of Kokkada built a chapel here.  Fr Lawrence Lobo, who was the first resident missionary here, built the presbytery and an orphanage in 1924. Kadaba became a parish on April 1, 1924. 

Fr Basil Salvadore D’Souza, later the Bishop of Mangalore, built the existing church and the Boys’ Orphanage in 1957, which was later closed down. Fr Fredrick P.S. Moniz built the Grotto and belfry. 

Fr Lawrence Lobo began St Joachim’s Hr. Pry School in 1926, and Fr C. P. D’Souza rebuilt the school.

The centenary of a church in any parish marks a very important milestone in its history. It is a time for celebration, not only for the church itself but for the whole parish community. The church was built on a small hillock surrounded by greenery by the humble, devotee, and committed faithful, whose sweat and blood raised each stone upon stone to build this mansion of the Mighty God. It was therefore fitting that on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, the centenary celebrations of St Joachim Church Kadaba culminated with a grand event marked by Eucharistic Procession.

The event commenced with a Eucharistic Celebration led by Rev. Fr Clifford Fernandes, parish priest of Cordel Church, Kulshekar, who presided over the ceremony. Rev. Fr Amith Prakash Rodrigues, the parish priest of St Rita’s church, Panja, and parish priest Rev. Fr Paul Prakash DSouza graced this historical occasion, followed by a Eucharistic procession where we proclaimed the Eucharistic Lord in our locality, which marked a great event in the history of Kadaba.

Most of the participants participated in the adoration. Rev. Fr Clifford Fernandes gave the real meaning of the Eucharist in today’s world. Many priests, religious sisters, and local people were present for this great event.