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Way of the Cross and Reflection on the Passion of Christ at Most Holy Redeemer Church, Derebail

March 29, 2021

Mangaluru: To commemorate Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and to begin the Holy Week on a prayerful note, a way of the cross was held at Most Holy Redeemer Church Derebail on Sunday, the 28th of March, 2021 at 5PM at the Holy Family School Grounds.

During the Way of the Cross, statue of Jesus carrying the Cross along with statue of Mother Mary were carried by the youth of Derebail parish from the 1st to the 14th station. Rev Fr Austin Peter Peres – Parish Priest of Derebail Parish, Rev Fr Gerald Francis Pinto – Residential Priest, Rev Fr Gratian Alvares – Parish Priest of Kupepadav and former residential priest of Derebail Parish and Derebail Parishioners took part in the Way of the Cross.

Rev Fr Gratian Alvares then read the Word of God from Mathew 27:27-31, after which he gave a brief reflection of the same. During the reflection Fr Gratian spoke on ‘Individual Suffering’ and gave two examples related to it. He also explained the reasons why Jesus Christ suffered and died on the Cross. “Whenever we help others or do good to others, people try to stop us from doing good, they speak ill about us, they try to spoil our name. During such situations we must remember that even Jesus Christ and our Catholic ancestors had faced the same challenges. Hence we must be bold enough to face such rejections.” added Fr Gratian Alvares in his reflection.

The parish choir aided in adding solemnity to the service by singing hymns. The ceremony concluded with a short procession where parishioners accompanied the youth in carrying the statues from church grounds to Parish.

Announcement of Holy Week Mass Timings:

Holy Week Mass Timings at Most Holy Redeemer Church Derebail are as follows:

Monday to Wednesday:
6:15 AM and 5:30 PM – (Konkani – At Church)

Maundy Thursday:
(Note: Morning there won’t be Daily Mass)
4:00 PM – Mass in Konkani – At Church
6:30 PM – The Mass of the Lord’s Supper – (Konkani – At Church Grounds)

Good Friday:
8:00 AM – Prayer of the Church followed by the Way of the Cross – (Konkani – At Church)
5:30 PM – Ceremony of the Passion of Christ – (Konkani – At Church Grounds)

Holy Saturday:
7:00 PM – Easter Vigil – (Konkani – At Church Grounds)

Easter Sunday:
7:00 AM and 9:00 AM – (Konkani – At Church)
11:30 AM – (English – At Church)

Report and Pictures by: Ashish Joseph Carvalho, Derebail