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Students of St Aloysius PU College visit religious places in Mangalore

December 8, 2023

Mangaluru: In order to instill the values of unity and solidarity among the student fraternity, the Center for Inter-Religious Harmony of St Aloysius PU College organized a visit to religious places within the city of Mangalore. Thirty-three students, along with six lecturers, set out on this religious trip. As the group investigated their shared religious heritage, the trip was full of significant experiences, spiritual study, and community building.

The students visited the St. Joseph Vaz Shrine, Mudipu. Everyone was surrounded by a sense of dedication and reverence as they entered the calm environment. Pupils relished the delectable dishes provided. Pupils were very interested in finding out about the role of the church and Saint St. Joseph Vaz’s divine authority. Additionally, pupils experienced piety when they went to the meditation cave. The students felt more united as a result of their experiences in the church.

Transitioning from the solemnity of the church, the journey took a turn towards the Ullal Dargah, situated in Ullal, Mangalore, a sacred Islamic shrine. Here, the ambiance shifted, reflecting the distinct traditions and practices of Islam. The rhythmic chants, the fragrance of incense, and the serene atmosphere created a spiritual environment among the students, resonating with a different set of beliefs. Students acknowledged the dargah experience, emphasizing the Sufi tradition, which often seeks a mystical and personal connection with the divine.

Stepping out of the church’s solemnity, the group headed toward the holy Islamic shrine known as Ullal Dargah, which is located in Ullal, Mangalore. The atmosphere changed here, reflecting the unique customs and rituals of Islam. The pupils were immersed in a spiritual setting that resonated with a certain set of beliefs due to the rhythmic chanting, the aroma of incense, and the calm surroundings. The experience at the dargah was acknowledged by the students, who emphasized the Sufi tradition, which frequently aims for a mystical and intimate relationship with the divine.

The final leg of the journey led to a sacred temple, situated in Mangalore. Students appreciated the intricate architecture and vibrant sculptures of the diety at the temple. The visit provided insights into the vast and varied insights of Hindu mythology.

Throughout this spiritual journey, the common thread of devotion that united the many religious traditions became apparent. The students of all faiths were brought together by the shared experience of seeking a higher power and connecting with the holy, even though their outward manifestations may vary. The journey also imparted tolerance and respect for different faiths.