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St Joseph Service Station, Jeppu powers up with BPCL’s First Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Mangalore Territory

September 2, 2023

MANGALURU, Sep. 2: In a landmark move towards promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, Territory Manager of BPCL MCI (Retail) Amol Bhosale inaugurated and Most Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha blessed the First Electric Vehicle Charging Machine by BPCL in the Mangalore Territory at St Joseph Service Station, Jeppu, Mangalore, on September 1, 2023.

Bishop Dr. Peter Paul Saldanha, while blessing the occasion, emphasised the significance of transitioning from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources. He stated, “We see the climatic change taking a big toll. We are partially responsible for burning fossil fuels. To achieve zero emissions, here is a chance to use electric energy, an alternative energy.”

Amol Bhosale stated, “Electric charging is the new alternative for fuel in the market. The future of fuelling in any country is electric charging.” He also mentioned, “The petroleum minister has said that India will be free of emissions by 2050, which will be a challenging target.” Bhosale further emphasized, “The electric charging station will pave the way for this particular government initiative and contribute to a cleaner India. St. Joseph Service Centre has been in the petroleum products business for over a decade, and the electric charging station by BPCL is the first of its kind in Mangaluru. St. Joseph Service Centre had the opportunity to set up the station within a record time.”

The inauguration event was attended by several notable figures, including Territory Engineer Neeraj Kumar, Sales Manager Seethesh Choudhary, Fleet Officer Balaji, and Installation Manager Neeraj Agarwal, among others.

Rev. Fr Andrew D’Costa, Dealer and Managing Trustee of St Joseph Service Centre BPCL petrol pump, extended a vote of thanks to all those present and expressed his enthusiasm for this groundbreaking initiative. William Miranda served as the event’s emcee.

This initiative aligns with the global push towards cleaner energy sources and reinforces the commitment of both BPCL and St Joseph Service Centre to environmental responsibility. The charging station is now open to the public, providing an accessible and eco-friendly option for electric vehicle owners in the Mangalore area.

Report and Photos by Canara Communication Centre