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St Anthony’s Ashram Jeppu organizes the feast of Relic of Saint Anthony

February 16, 2023

Mangaluru: The emeritus bishop of Mangalore, the Most Rev Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza, celebrated the holy mass in honour of Saint Anthony’s relic.The bishop said in his message that St. Anthony, in his short life, preached the word of God continuously with his tongue. He sacrificed his life and made others’ lives beautiful. He called on the people gathered to take example from the life of Saint Anthony and contribute to make other’s life comfortable.

The Rev. Boniface Pinto, professor of pre-professional year at St. Joseph’s Seminary, Jeppu, preached the homily during the mass. He spoke on the day’s theme, “The tongue is a gift from God.” Saint Anthony made use of his tongue to preach the word of God and to instill hope in the lives of people. He devoted his entire life to performing miracles, and God has blessed Saint Anthony by keeping his tongue fresh even after eight centuries of death. This is an indication that whenever people obey God, love Him, and serve Him, He in turn blesses them.

Fr. Larry Pinto had earlier offered a Holy Mass for the inmates at the Ashram at 6 a.m. At 8:15 am, Holy Mass was offered in Milagres by Fr. Rupesh Tauro. Very Rev. Daniel Veigas offered Holy Mass at the Ashram for all the benefactors and invitees. after which food was served to all. 4.30 pm in Malayalam at Milagres Church for all Malayalam speakers.

In appreciation, each donor was presented with a candle. Special prayers were offered for the souls of all those who died in the Turkey and Syria earthquakes by lighting the candles. A number of priests from and around Mangalore City, religious sisters, and thousands of people participated in the celebration.

Fr. J.B. Crasta, the director of the Ashram, thanked all those who extended their support to organise the feast. Fr Rupesh Tauro and Fr Larry Pinto, the assistant directors, cooperated to make the celebration successful.