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St Agnes PU College Excels in NEET/JEE & CET Exam

June 17, 2023

Mangaluru: The Apostolic Carmel Educational Society runs several educational institutions and St Agnes PU College is one among them. Historically, it is the first Catholic Women’s College established in South India and the second in the country. The college has students from all communities and denominations. The college is a pioneer in the education of young women and has been at the forefront of a cultural and social renaissance with regard to the rights and roles of women. This has its source and origin in the philosophy and teaching of its founder Mother Aloysia who started St Agnes College in 1920.

At St Agnes PU College a rigorous academic programme is at the core of everything and the vibrant learning milieu is reflected in the consistently high academic results that we garner every year. IITians and Doctors from ‘Vividya’ having vast teaching experience provide comprehensive and quality coaching to students who are preparing to appear for NEET, JEE and CET examinations. Professionally qualified individuals meticulously groom students to answer CPT – a CA Foundation Course and CSAT (a foundation course for Civil Service Examinations). Coaching in the regular syllabus is also provided.

Students from St Agnes PU College achieve remarkable results, exemplifying excellence in NEET examination

St Agnes PU College, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, is once again in the spotlight as its students achieve outstanding results in the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) examination with an impressive performance by its medical aspirants. With 9 students scoring above 91 percentile. St Agnes PU College continues to uphold its reputation for nurturing talented individuals who aspire to make a difference in the field of medicine.

The recently declared NEET results witnessed students from St Agnes PU College surpassing expectations and setting new benchmarks. Their exceptional scores and rankings not only reflect their personal dedication and hard work but also speak volumes about the college’s commitment in providing quality education and holistic guidance to its students.

Among the high achievers, Sristi M, a student from St. Agnes PU College, emerged as one of the top scorers in the NEET examination, securing a remarkable 97.8 percentile followed by M.V. Kousalya Reddy and Lorein Angel Fernandes with 97.6 & 96.8 percentile respectively. Samruddhi D has secured 96 percentile in JEE Mains, 874 Rank in CET exam and 1311 Rank in Pharma D. Their achievement serves as an inspiration not only to their peers but also to future generations of medical aspirants at St Agnes PU College.

Speaking about their success, students expressed gratitude to the college, their professors, and their peers for their unwavering support and guidance throughout their journey. The student emphasized the conducive learning environment, well-equipped laboratories, and exceptional faculty members who played a crucial role in their success.

The remarkable performance of St Agnes PU College students in the NEET exam is a testament to the institution’s focus on providing comprehensive and rigorous academic training. The dedicated faculty members along with Vividya Academy leave no stone unturned in ensuring that their students are well-prepared to face the challenges of the medical entrance examinations.

Moreover, St Agnes PU College’s emphasis on holistic development plays a pivotal role in shaping well-rounded medical professionals. The college’s support systems, including counselling, mentoring, and extracurricular activities, contribute to the students’ overall growth and enable them to excel not just academically but also in various other spheres of life.

Congratulations to the students of St Agnes PU College for their outstanding results in NEET/JEE & CET. Your achievements not only make the institution proud but also inspire others to strive for excellence. May your journey in the medical & engineering field be filled with success, compassion, and the fulfilment of your noble aspirations.