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Reviving the Art of Clinical Examination: A Tribute at Father Muller Medical College

March 23, 2024

Mangaluru, March 03, 2024: Father Muller Medical College Alumni Association (FMMCAA) recently hosted the Late Rev. Fr Patrick Rodrigues Memorial Oration 2024, a poignant event held on March 23rd in the Decennial Memorial Hall. The event, which commenced at 3 p.m., featured Dr. Clement R. S. Dsouza, an esteemed alumnus from the PG Batch of 1991 and currently serving as the Professor and Head of the Department of Surgery, as the keynote speaker. Dr. Dsouza delivered a thought-provoking oration on “Clinical Examination: A Dying Art,” highlighting the diminishing emphasis on hands-on patient evaluation in modern medical practice.

The oration was preceded by a warm welcome from B. M. Venkatesh, the Vice Dean of Father Muller Medical College (FMMC), who emphasized the significance of the day. The event also included the prestigious Best Alumni FMMC 2024 award ceremony, presided over by distinguished personalities including Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director of Father Muller Medical College and Institutions (FMCI), Rev. Fr Ajith B Menezes, Administrator of FMMC, Dr. Antony Sylvan Dsouza, Dean of FMMC, Rev. Fr Jeevan George Sequeira, Administrator of Father Muller Medical College Hospital (FMMCH), Rev. Fr Nelson Dheeraj Paid, Assistant Administrator of FMMCH, Dr. Archana Bhat, President of FMMCAA, and Dr. Savita Lasrado, PG representative of FMMCAA.

During his address, Dr. Dsouza reminisced about his time as a student, highlighting the importance of traditional teaching methods such as grand rounds, where students would learn through direct patient interaction rather than relying solely on technology and test results. He expressed concern over the diminishing human touch in modern medicine and urged young medical professionals to balance technology with hands-on patient care.

Reflecting on the changing landscape of medical education, the Director of FMCI acknowledged the influence of technology on today’s generation, noting that young medical professionals are accustomed to a world of technology from birth. However, he emphasized the need for a balance, recognizing the invaluable role of bedside service and personal patient interaction in healthcare.

The Best Alumni Award, a prestigious recognition, was conferred upon Dr. Saali and Dr. Vasudeva for their remarkable dedication, leadership, and contributions to advancing medical science, education, and patient care at Father Muller Medical College.

The ceremony was gracefully hosted by Dr. Ancia Dsouza, a PG Resident from the Department of General Medicine, who ensured the smooth flow of the event.

The Late Rev. Fr Patrick Rodrigues Memorial Oration 2024 served as a poignant reminder of the importance of preserving the art of clinical examination and maintaining the human touch in modern healthcare practices.