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Republic Day Celebrations at St Aloysius Pre-University College

January 27, 2024

Mangaluru: Republic Day, a beacon of national pride, was celebrated with unparalleled zeal and reverence at St Aloysius Pre-University College. Marking the 75th anniversary of India as a sovereign, socialist, and democratic republic, the event unfolded with a soulful prayer, setting the stage for a day infused with patriotic spirit.

Mr. Muralikrishna G. M., the Vice Principal, extended a warm welcome to the gathering and spoke on the profound significance of the 75th Republic Day. With pride, Wing Commander Rochelle D’Silva, an esteemed alumna, was introduced, showcasing her notable accomplishments in the Indian Air Force and beyond, including her role as an Air Force spokesperson. The chief guest was graciously welcomed by Harsh Sharma, the Joint Secretary of the college council, who presented her with a sapling.

The ceremonial unfurling of the National Flag captured a truly profound moment, encapsulating the quintessence of the day. Nikhil K, the President of the student body, reflected on the Constitution’s pivotal role in shaping India’s democratic and sovereign identity. He underscored the timeless nature of the Constitution, not merely cultivating but nurturing a profound sense of belonging by empowering citizens with fundamental rights.

In a compelling address to the gathered audience, Wing Commander Ms. Rochelle D’Silva, the esteemed chief guest, expressed her honor to be part of this significant occasion. She fervently called upon every member of the assembly to wholeheartedly dedicate them to the nation. Ms. D’Silva emphasized the day’s poignant significance, highlighting its role as a reminder of the transition from dominion under British rule to a sovereign, democratic republic on January 26, 1950. In doing so, she underscored the historical importance of the day, paying heartfelt tribute to the sacrifices made by our valiant freedom fighters.

In anticipation of Republic Day, a series of competitions were conducted, and the winners were honored with certificates. Additionally, recognition and honors were extended to accomplished sports achievers, further adding to the celebratory spirit of the occasion.

Fasahath Kulsum delivered the vote of thanks, expressing sincere appreciation for the collective endeavors that transformed the Republic Day celebration into a profoundly memorable and inspiring event. Bianaca D’Souza compered the programme.

The event was enriched with a medley of patriotic songs, reminding everyone of their love, pride, and honor for the country.