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Puttur: Awareness on Natural Resource Management held at Puttur

February 13, 2020

Puttur: A training program on the topic “Natural Resource Management” was organized for students of Bethany High School at Puttur, on February 12th. 218 students from 8th and 9th standard participated in the training.

The Resource Person Ms Lenet Gonsalves, Program Manager of CODP said that the main aim of conducting awareness is to build a better and healthy atmosphere by conserving natural resources. Conservation is the proper management of natural resources to prevent its exploitation, destruction or degradation.

India is blessed with natural resources but these resources are depleting every day because of man’s actions and India is deeply affected by climate change. Our actions in turn are affecting us in forms of floods, earthquakes, excess heat waves, pollution, forest fires etc. If we continue to exploit our nature, there will be no natural resources in the future.

Children were asked to hold their breath for five minutes in order to make them understand the importance of oxygen. Most of the children were able to hold their breath for just few seconds. Through this exercise, Ms Lenet stressed upon the need for planting and maintaining saplings so that they can avoid carrying oxygen cylinders to schools in the future. “You can actively involve yourselves in sustaining natural resources through using water sparingly, rain water harvesting, recycling plastic trash as eco-bricks and building community structures, adopting organic kitchen gardens in order to improve health’, she said.

Sr Jacintha, Headmistress of Bethany School welcomed the gathering. Mrs Rita Dsouza, Mrs Marceline Dsouza and Mrs Veena Priya Dsouza Staff of CODP were also present for the program.