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Pastoral Visit of His Excellency Bishop of Diocese of Mangalore to Maide Deus Church and Affiliated Educational Institutions

June 26, 2023

Puttur 24 June: Bishop of Diocese of Mangaluru and President of Catholic Board of Education His Exellency Most Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha on his official visit to Maide Deus Church and affiliated educational institutions on 24 June, 2023. After arriving at the Church at 9am performed the rituals of Mass, visited the Maide Deus Institutions and interacted with the staff and students of the schools. Bishop on his address urged the students saying “Value added life is to be lived as accumulation of knowledge alone will not be enough since accumulation of life values is need of the hour.  When culture, love, compassion, respect and spiritual values inculcated in life through education, the education becomes complete in every sense. In this ever-changing world we need to face every challenge and tread the path of success”.

The highlights of the Pastoral visit:
A ceremonial welcome at the Church premises.
Visitation to all the educational institutions affiliated to the Maide Deus Church.
Interaction with the staff and students.
The Bishop offered the Holy Eucharistic Celebration where 83 children were confirmed with the Sacrament of Confirmation.
Interaction with Maide Deus Parish Pastoral Council and Heads of the Institutions

Lord Bishop also had interaction with the teaching and non- teaching faculty of the Institutions. On the occasion said,” Imparting education is not an occupation but a responsibility to form life. Imparting knowledge only is not the job of the teachers but to be an example by the lifestyle likely to be emulated by the students to become real persons of good culture. Create an aura and be a role model”.

Maide Deus Girls Highschool, Maide Deus Higher Primary School, St Victors English Medium School in the Church premises, St Philomena English Medium School, St Philomena Highschool, St Philomena P U College, St Philomena College in the St Philomena campus are visited and interaction is held with students and the staff. Also visited the men’s and women’s hostels and had interaction with Wardens and the inmates of the both the hostels.

On the auspicious occasion of this pastoral visit, the Parish Priest of Maide Deus Church and also the Correspondent of Maide Deus Educational Institutions Very Rev. Fr Lawrence Mascarenhas, Assistant Parish Priest Rev Ajay Lohith Mascarenhas, Church Parish Pastoral Council Vice President Shri Gerald D’Costa ,Secretary Smt Eveline, and the members of Parish Pastoral Council  and the devotees were present in large numbers.

On the visit to the institutions, Maide Deus Higher Primary School Head Miss Smt Janet D’Souza, St Victors’ English Medium School Head Master Mr Harry D’Souza St Victors’ Girls’ Highschool Head Miss Smt Roseline Lobo, St Philomena English Medium School Head Miss Sr Lora Pais, St Philomena Highschool Head Master Rev. Fr Maxim D’Souza, Principal of St Philomena PU College Rev. Fr Ashok Rayan Crasta, Principal of St Philomena College Rev Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro, St Philomena Men’s Hostel Warden Rev Fr Roopesh Tauro, St PHILOMENA Women’s Hostel Warden Sr Lourdh Mary and Cmpus Director of St Philomena College Rev. Fr Stany Pinto were present.