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Married Couples Programme held at Holy Cross Church, Cordel

August 22, 2023

Mangaluru: On the occasion of the 150th anniversary celebration of Holy Cross Church, “Married Couples Programme” (just married to 15 years of marriage)  was organised on August 13, 2023. A total of 44 young couples participated in the programme. The entire programme was conducted by Missionary Families of Christ (MFC), headed by Mr. Melwin Fernandes.

The first session for the day was conducted by Dr. Amith & Dr. Teena D’Souza. Dr. Amith spoke on behalf of a Christian husband. He elaborated in detail about the roles and responsibilities of a Christian husband as the head of the family, and a provider for the family. A husband is called to relate to his wife as Christ does to his church. A father is called to care for his children as a priest ministers to the people of God. Dr. Teena spoke about the role of a Christian wife. She explained the role of a wife as a helpmate to her husband and how, as wives, we must follow the Lord in faith so that we become wives / mothers who minister to the blessing, healing, and building up of our families.

Mr. Jeswin & Mrs. Lavisha Castelino conducted the second session, where they spoke about ‘Building our homes for God.’ They elucidated about the tasks of husbands and wives as Christian couples, to provide an environment of faith, service, love, peace, and order in our homes, so that God’s providence and provisions are experienced in our homes. A Christian home is a place where Christian culture is truly lived to the fullest.

The music ministry of MFC taught a few action hymns to the couples to keep them on their toes. Christopher Machado from MFC Mangalore introduced the speakers and also did an icebreaker to make the couples actively involve themselves in the programme.

While the programme for couples was going on, there was a programme conducted simultaneously for all the children of the participants. This was conducted by the youth and singles of MFC. They had various art and craft activities based on the Bible and were also taught action hymns.

The Programme was attended and inaugurated by the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Clifford Fernandes, who in his inaugural address elucidated the role of a Christian couple in building up a faith-filled family and how we need to be role models for children who will eventually grow up and have their own families. Mrs. Ruth Castelino, Vice President (Parish Pastoral Council), Mr. Anil D’Sa, Secretary (Parish Pastoral Council), Mr. Dolphy D’Souza, Co-Ordinator (21 Commissions), Mr. Rohan Rego, Co-ordinator of The Married Couples Programme, Gurkars, Ward Representatives, PPC Members, and the Organising Team were present at the programme. Mrs. Lora Pais compered the programme and Mr. Anil D’Sa proposed the vote of thanks.

The programme ended with a celebratory lunch and a plan to have another such programme for older married couples in the parish.