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Mangaluru: St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru organized a workshop on Origami

January 27, 2020

Mangaluru: St Agnes College (Autonomous), Mangaluru organized a half-day workshop on Origami on January 27. The workshop focused on the importance of origami concept which would help in the development of eye-hand coordination, sequencing skills, maths reasoning, memory, patience and attention skills. Origami allows developing fine motor skills and mental concentration. All of this combined stimulates the brain especially when both hands are being used at the same time. Thus it is also often used in therapeutic settings.

Ms. Rishel D’Souza was the resource person for the workshop. Ms. Rishel is the alumni of St Agnes College. She is an active member as musician cum singer and works as a freelance musician and official musician cum singer of the Elysian choir and Melodia. She has served as a music artist for the Akaram team which conducts shows at various parts of Karnataka. She is a multi-talented person, her interest also lies in making crafts especially 3D origami. She has won prizes in various music and craft competitions.

The workshop started by invoking the presence of almighty lead by a group of students, Andrea and the team. Mrs. Prima D’Souza, staff convenor introduced and welcome the resource person and the participants.

Sr Dr. M. Jeswina A.C, Principal of St Agnes College, gave presidential remarks. She encouraged and motivated the participants to actively participate in this workshop and develop their artistic skills.

100 members participated in the workshop. The beneficiaries of the workshop were Alumni, campus students of high school & degree and few students from other schools. Participants were divided into groups to make 3D origami. The participants expressed in the feedback, this workshop was a fruitful learning experience and they would like to participate in the future in such workshops.

Ms Riva Dsouza, First-year B.Com student compered the workshop and proposed the vote of thanks.