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Mangaluru: Grade IX students of St Agnes CBSE School bid farewell to outgoing students

February 9, 2020

Mangaluru: It was an incredible morning hosted and organised by grade IX students of St.Agnes CBSE School, on 8th February 2020, to bid farewell for grade X students.

The day was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers to reminisce the joyous moments. The school hall was festooned appropriately keeping in mind the theme “Life is a Journey and not a destination”.

The day started with Thanksgiving Mass concelebrated by Fr. Greyfon Rodrigues with the beautiful homily wherein he had advised the students to put in their effort to study hard and never give up to achieve the goal. The young students dressed in white apparel glowed like angels.

It was then followed by a captivating performance by the grade IX students dedicated especially for their seniors. A wonderful skit was staged depicting the challenges faced by the students after their life at school. A PowerPoint presentation of the fun moments of the students of grade X was presented by the juniors. It was a morning of mixed emotions as few of the students expressed their appreciation and sentiments. The principal Sr. Maria Gracilda A.C. in her message advised the students to adapt to the changes and be progressive in life; later she gave mementos that would remind them of their school. The students and the teachers were then led for a sumptuous lunch.

The day was indeed a memorable one for the outgoing batch and the teachers. There was a lot of emotion and nostalgia as the students took photographs around the majestic school building where they spend their childhood. Finally, the principal and faculty members wished the students a good luck for their future endeavours with a note “To do their best and face challenges in life with confidence”.