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Dr. Niyaz Panakaje honoured on Ph.D completion by St. Agnes College

March 20, 2021

Mangaluru, March 19: St. Agnes Centre for Post Graduate Studies and Research honoured its alumni Dr. Niyaz Panakaje for securing Ph.D recently. A 2012 batch student, Dr. Niyaz had completed M. Com from St. Agnes Centre for Post Graduate Studies and Research. He was recently awarded Ph.D. from Mangalore University and became the first student of M.Com. department, St. Agnes Centre for Post Graduate Studies and Research, to secure a Doctorate.

At the outset of the felicitation, Sr. Dr. Venissa AC, Principal, St. Agnes College congratulated Dr. Panakaje for his achievement. “The accomplishment highlights the role and importance that education plays in everyone’s lives,” she said.

Receiving the felicitation from his alma-mater, Dr. Niyaz cordially remembered the guidance and support he received from St. Agnes College (Autonomous) as a young student. “Coming from a Kannada background, I had self-doubts whether my dedication will get any recognition at such a prestigious institute. However, the values taught by St. Agnes College and its homely embrace, helped me to achieve my goals with a lot of confidence and ease.” 

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Nirmala Catherine, the faculty of the Commerce Department recalled that it was Niyaz’s determination and grit that helped him to fight against all odds and achieve his goals.

As widely documented by the local media, Dr. Niyaz Panakaje had to overcome several economic hardships to pursue his education. He had undertaken several odd jobs like masonry, domestic help, and auto-rickshaw driver for sustenance. “Hard work can definitely change lives. Also, one must have willingness to learn from people we meet in our daily life,” he said.

Niyaz also reminded his younger counterparts that securing degrees and designation must not be the only objective in life. “But it is our contribution to the wellness of society that counts,” he added.

Meanwhile in the backdrop of the felicitation, the PG students from Psychology department performed a brief drama while calling-out the rampant ‘labeling’ of psychological disorders. The four-minute drama emphasizes that psychological disorders were not merely adjectives but needed serious attention from the society. 

Sr Dr M Vinora AC, Coordinator PG. Studies at St Agnes College, Mr Charles Pais, the Registrar, and faculties of Under-Graduate and Postgraduate studies of St. Agnes College (Autonomous) were also present at the occasion.