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‘Diseases of modernity’ are due to the intake of sugar-containing foods: Dr. Kakkilaya

January 31, 2024

Mangalore, January 30: Chair in Christianity, Mangalore University, and the Philosophical English Academy of St Joseph’s Institute of Philosophy, Jeppu-Mangalore jointly organised a lecture on “Food as Vaccine” on January 30, 2024, at C. M. Hall, St Joseph’s Seminary, Mangalore.

A well-known consultant physician in Mangaluru Dr Srinivasa Kakkilaya, Rector of Gladsom Home for Graduate Students and teacher of Moral Theology Rev. Dr Leo Lasrado, the Director of Philosophical English Academy and head of Chair in Christianity Rev. Dr Ivan Dsouza, Secretary of the Academy Bro Jakkula Joshua, Students Nibin, Jeevan, and Sr Jones lit the lamp during the prayer song sung by the students of philosophy.

The secretary of the academy, Jakkula Joshua, welcomed all. Rev. Dr Leo Lasrado introduced the speaker and effectively moderated the session. The resource person, Dr Srinivasa Kakkilaya, beautifully narrated the history of humans who evolved themselves as consumers of food. He said, “Food is everything. It is business, politics, nourishment, metabolism, etc. Humans are not food producers. They were hunters and gatherers. They began to use fire and had cooked food. Our system has evolved from cooked food. In the wild, there were no diseases. Today, we are affected by ‘diseases of modernity’ or ‘diseases of civilization’. We have become a sugar-addicted society. All our modern diseases, like diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer, aging, hypertension, etc., are due to the consumption of sugar-containing foods. Hence, give up sugar-containing foods, milk and its products, fruits, processed grains, and deep-fried food items. Our diet should include more vegetables, meat, eggs, and fish.”

He added, “Covid caused problems for all people with modern diseases. Our food is controlled by political forces, pharma companies, the medical world, and even religious ideologies. We should question the people who are misleading us.”

After an interesting interactive question-answer session, the anchor of the program, Flexon Lobo, proposed the vote of thanks. The program was concluded by listening to the preamble of the Constitution to mark the anniversary of the assassination of our Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Around 200 participants benefitted from this effective and relevant session. Most Rev. Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza, Bishop Emeritus, Rev. Dr Ronald Serrao, the Rector of the Seminary, Rev. Fr Naveen Pinto, the Administrator, the Teaching Staff, students of Philosophy and Theology, priests, religious sisters, and other guests were present for the lecture.