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Certificate course on soft skills Organised by Department of Commerce of St Agnes College

August 7, 2020

Mangaluru: The Department of Commerce, St Agnes College (Autonomous) organized an online certificate course on Soft Skills from July 17 to August 1 for duration of 30 hours. The beneficiaries of this course were 182 students of UG and PG from various colleges.

The course was designed with an objective to understand the significance and essence of a wide range of soft skills to improve interpersonal relationships and employ soft skills to enhance employability and ensure workplace and career success.

The Resource Speakers of this course were

  1. Ms Lynn Misquith, Management Associate, MSL Group Mumbai spoke about emotional intelligence and how an emotionally intelligent person was expected to act in different circumstances. In her second session she talked about Stress Management, the reason why a person became stressed and the different ways of dealing with stress.
  2. Mr Ankith S Kumar, Mental Health and Wellness Counsellor, Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management, Mangaluru who helped the students to understand the characteristics of a good leader and developing latent leadership skills.
  3. Mrs Crystal Rodrigues, Research Scholar NITK, Surathkal explained the students the importance of Time Management and the tools and techniques to effectively manage time.
  4. Mrs Sheryl Preethika, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, St Agnes College (Autonomous) explained about the importance of Communication and Listening Skills and the ways in which an individual could develop communication skills.
  5. Ms Dolan Banerjee, Assistant Professor, Post Graduate Department of Commerce, St Agnes Center for Post Graduate Studies and Research spoke about the importance of Critical Thinking and the role it played in problem solving.
  6. Ms Velita Sibon Lobo, Soft Skill Trainer explained the importance of discovering oneself, staying positive and how discovering oneself and knowing one’s own ability helped in goal setting.
  7. Mr Prashanth Alison, Principal, Pana Institute of UG Studies, Kolambe, Bajpe spoke about team building, the process of team building and how successful teams were more productive than individual contributors.
  8. Ms Dalia D’Souza, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, St Agnes College (Autonomous) explained to the students how to prepare for an interview. She explained how an effective resume was the ticket to an interview and went on to tell the students how to write an effective resume.

After each session 15 minutes time was allotted for Question and answers. The course also included assignments and MCQs to test the knowledge gained by the participants. The Certificate Course was coordinated by Ms Anusha Noronha and Ms Mokshitha, Assistant Professors of Commerce.
The Certificate course was well appreciated by the participants. E- Certificates were given to the participants on completion of all the required assignments.