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Building confidence in Nursery kids at Mount Carmel Central School

January 10, 2023

Mangaluru: Mount Carmel Central School, Mangaluru conducted a number of activities recently to build the confidence of Nursery kids while they learn at School.

It was interesting to hear the three year old kids hissing the sounds of the letters of the alphabets. They were also able to pronounce each letter accurately and identify them in the hands on matching activity.

Children of different sections actively participated in the number game activity. They recognized the numbers and their value by a counting game. Towards the end of the activity children were confident of their number skills.

They also enjoyed the learning related to the topic on wild animals with their peers in group. Children were introduced to the topic through flash cards. They also enjoyed a rhyme on the theme. The hands on activity of wearing the masks of animals and imitating their cry strengthened their learning. 

The kids got familiar with the subject ‘Fruits’. The children were asked to name a few fruits. Later different fruits were shown to them which they could identify. They were also briefed about the benefits of fruit in their diet.  The enthusiasm and interest shown in the game called ‘Bombing the fruits’ was well played.