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World Suicide Prevention Day observed at St Agnes College (Autunomous), Mangaluru

September 12, 2022

Mangaluru: The Post Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology, Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Research, St Agnes College (Autunomous), Mangaluru observed World Suicide Prevention Day on the 10 September 2022. In view of the pressing need to raise awareness about increasing number of suicides happening, The International Association for Suicide Prevention with the World Health Organization observes every 10 of September as World Suicide Prevention Day. The theme for 2022 was “Creating Hope through Action”.            

In observation of this day, the first and second year postgraduate students of Clinical Psychology at St Agnes College performed a street play at the City Centre Mall, Mangalore. The focus of the play was on breaking the stigma surrounding seeking help with mental health. The students portrayed several scenarios and how help can be sought at every step. The short play was interspersed with multiple statistics about suicide rates among varied population in India and globally. At the end of the play, the public were given bookmarks containing the numbers of suicide helpline numbers and were also handed out posters for “Navachethana”- Counselling Centre handled by the Department of Psychology and Clinical Psychology, St Agnes College in a step towards disseminating awareness about mental health and help-seeking.