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Turn Fat into Fit! Check out ‘FitForks’ by Deeksha

October 3, 2020

Are you one of those people who loves to eat, but even the sight of food makes you gain calories? Well, looks like you’re reading the right page! A Graduate in Commerce, Deeksha has successfully managed to juggle between the three F’s – finance, food and fitness! Here’s her story.

1. What/Who inspired you to start ‘FitForks’?

I started FitForks three months after I delivered my son. The fear of my pregnancy weight not going away ever, was the actual reason why I started eating healthy. Therefore, I thought, why not start an Instagram page where I can motivate people who are struggling with similar issues or trying to be healthy and fit.

2. How did you decide on the name ‘FitForks’?

My idea of the page was leading a healthy lifestyle with exercise and healthy food. So ‘fit ‘, went with exercise and ‘forks’, went with eating healthy. Forks also sounds like the word ‘folks’, which means people. All in all, people eating healthy to remain fit.

3. What is it that makes ‘FitForks’ different from the rest?

I post the things that I actually follow to remain fit. It’s difficult to follow crash diets and live on liquids the whole day. These are not sustainable and so I prefer to incorporate healthy diets with some cheat meals, so that people can follow it religiously and also enjoy their lives, eating the food they love!

4. What are some of the healthy substitutes you use in your recipes? 

I use more of proteins and less of carbohydrates. I also use some fat like ghee, in my diet, especially on the days when I workout. I have almost eliminated Refined Flour (Maida), from my diet. I use less salt and sugar, more green leafy vegetables and also, sometimes I opt for quinoa instead of rice.

5. Do you use organic or regular food items in your recipes?

I use organic quinoa and some organic vegetables. But most of the items I use are non-organic because it is difficult to find organic food all the time. So, I have a few herbs grown in my garden. You guys too can have a kitchen garden, if you love gardening, the benefits being -healthy food and a good hobby.

6. What is your take on maintaining a healthy diet and having a cheat day versus eating everything in moderation on all days?

 I believe in eating what I love and being healthy. I eat everything that I crave for, but I keep in mind the portion size and try to use less of unhealthy ingredients. Also, exercise is a must and I do have cheat meals once a week and in moderation.

7. Are all your recipes your own or do you check out other food blogs and recipe books?

Most of them are my own, as I prefer to eat all home-made food. But I do check out YouTube and other blogs to experiment with my cooking.

8. Do you always follow the same recipes or keep experimenting and innovating?

I experiment a lot with food. I love to cook and having new recipes and making food healthy and tasty, keeps me motivated and helps me to keep up my fitness journey.

9. Do you think that following just a healthy diet without exercise can help you stay fit?

Exercise is as important as healthy eating. You may lose weight with diet but through exercise your body gets more flexible, you feel more energetic and fit.

10. What is your advice to people, to adopt a healthier lifestyle?

Try to make your everyday day dishes healthy, instead of having only juices and fruits. Exercise, take a brisk walk and practice Yoga. Love yourself and remember that you are always beautiful no matter what.

11. Do you plan to further pursue ‘FitForks’?

Definitely, I would like to share more about healthy living. I hope to help many more people lead healthier lifestyles and also, doing this keeps me motivated as well.

12. Do you do any collaborations? If yes, what kind?

Yes, I have collaborated with a few food brands and also witha few beauty products that are natural. Brands direct message me on my Instagram page – https://www.instagram.com/fit_forks/and if I feel the products are good and genuine, I review them on my page.

Well guys, if this Interview has motivated you to start eating healthy, spread the word to others and let us all opt for a better and healthier lifestyle. For all you Instagrammers out there, don’t forget to follow ‘FitForks’, so you don’t miss out on any new post. Eat healthy and stay fit, but remember to have your cheat days, because, let’s be honest here, what fun is life without them!

Interview By –
Sanchia Rebello.