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Teenage chef Jordan Noronha’s culinary aspirations

August 31, 2020

Mangalore’s truly aspiring teenage chef and High-Schooler Jordan Noronha, who loves to cook and bake goodies for his family and friends. Juggling between his studies and his passion,Jordan shares his story with us.

At what age and how did you develop the love for baking? 

Seems like cooking has always been in my blood, as I was 7 years when I first started.

Who or what was your motivation behind starting to bake at such a young age?

My inspiration and motivation was my Dad, who was also very good at cooking.

Being a High Schooler, how do you juggle between your studies and your passion for baking?

Since I have a passion for cooking and baking, I always make sure that I find the time to do it.

What do you think are the important skills one should have, to make him/her a good baker?

Well, according to me, creativity for one and eventually culinary expertise, which comes with experience.

Do you have any special baking tips which you would like to share with other bakers?

As for me, the quality of ingredients used is of utmost importance.

Did you go for any baking classes or are you self-trained?

No, I am self-trained, I have never gone for any classes.

What are the items you have specialized in making?

I actually started off with making just homemade chocolates and then branched out into making bread, pizzasand cakes and also, I cook a lot of continental food as well.

Since you are an aspiring Chef, do you ever intend to start a Restaurant of your own?

Yes, I plan to make it my profession and I do intent to start my own restaurant in future.

Do you always follow recipes or do you like to experiment and innovate?

I do follow recipes, but I most definitely enjoy experimenting and innovating with the food I cook.

Would you suggest cooking/baking as a stress buster?

Well, for those who enjoy cooking/baking and more importantly, have the passion for it, it would definitely be a stress buster.

Where do you sell your products and where can people contact you to buy them?

I sell my products from my home itself and I can be contacted on +91 9901913806. As of now, I will be only selling chocolates, which come in a variety of flavours like butterscotch, peppermint, coffee, cookies ‘n’ cream, with added nuts and krispies too.

Have you participated in any event where you have sold your goodies before?

Yes, I have had the opportunity to. I have sold my goodies before at the ‘Christmas Bazaar’ in Mangalore Club, ‘Night Market’ at City Beech and at the ‘Choco Fest’, at The Forum Fiza Mall.

Having got a chance to taste some of Jordan’s chocolates and cakes too, I would vouch for him. His story is truly inspirational for all of us, especially to the youngsters, to earn some pocket money while they are still studying and make the best use of their passion. And for all those of you, who have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to taste Jordan’s chocolates and satisfy your cravings!

-Sanchia Rebello.