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St Theresa’s School, Mangaluru celebrated the 75th years of Free India

August 16, 2021

Mangaluru: As St Theresa’s School celebrated the 75th years of Free India…..

The tricolour has made its mark in the Indian breeze as it waves above all the heads which are held high. It has been 75 years since India broke free from the shackles of slavery which is the cause behind the pride and significance that lurks in the air.

The celebration took place on the Theresian ground as every Theresian found their heart filled with joy and a feeling of immense pride. Our Chief Guest for the day, Sr Mariette, the Secretary of the Bethany Educational Society and the Correspondent of the School graced this occasion and was escorted to the dais by our Principal, Sr Lourdes, Sr Caron, the Vice Principal along with Sr. Nancy, the Headmistress of St Sebastian School.

The dignitaries were received by the School Head Boy Nikhil Chris Thomas and the Head Girl Ananya H Shetty. Thus, the celebration commenced as the Indian National Flag was hoisted high up in the air and every heart resonated with the National Anthem, the melody of our pride. The air was filled with hope and promise as the Preamble was voiced out by Mrs Veen Saldanha to enkindle the patriotic fervour. The Almighty above was invoked in the course of this celebration through a short prayer by Mrs Olivia followed by a prayer song by Sir Allister and the group.

Words of warmth of the auspicious occasion shrouded our hearts as our Vice Principal Sr Caron welcomed the Chief Guest and the gathering with a pleasant speech. The Pledge was administered with great determination by the Head Girl to remind us of our patriotic spirit and was inbuilt in each one of us.

A speech vocalised in Hindi by Mrs Surekha infused a splendid richness of language and culture in the listeners. The choir members provided a patriotic essence through a

heart-warming musical performance.

A very inspiring and stirring speech rendered by the Chief Guest Sr. Mariette spurred the patriotic fervour of the crowd and commemorated the long and consistent efforts put in by the Indian Freedom Fighters of this land. Those words of glory still remain in the hearts of the audience and the event was concluded on the promised to be grateful and to serve the country with fervour and brotherhood amognst all Indians.

The School observed this historic day with enthusiasm and revived the oath of being dutiful citizens of India. The pandemic may have silenced the world but the 75th Independence Day celebrated at St Theresa’s School is a proof of the fact that no disaster could ever dull the Indian spirit in each one of us as we are proud to be Indians. The entire ceremony was well organised by our PT Instructors Mr Joseph and Mrs Anitha. This programme was compered by Ms Raveena Vas.