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St Theresa’s School, Bendur, bags the first and third place in Sahyadri Science Talent Hunt

March 16, 2021

Mangaluru: The Sahyadri Science Talent Hunt 2020 was a project building competition in Sahyadri College of Engineering which was later changed to Idea Presentation due to the pandemic. This was a jump start for us the Theresians to do something for the farmers and the poor, and to generate renewable source of energy. We the team members namely Hansel Roche, Luke Noronha, Ankit Cherian and Jaden Fernandes worked together very eagerly and were overjoyed when we got the results and came to know that we won the first place in High School level.

Our Project title was “Walkaroo Wall”. The motto behind this project was working towards combating poverty, good health and well-being, responsible consumption and production of renewable source of energy. We modified a peizo shoe into a cheap footwear attachment, which generates electricity while walking. These attachments will be distributed by our team members to the poor and needy. They can exchange the batteries charged by the device for money. The electricity generated can be aggregated in a power wall and used to be charged anything.

We also modified the present agricultural machine which could plough the field, sow the seeds and also irrigate the fields which would lead to increase in organic farming and help the farmer to get better financial status as well as better yield. This will reduce the poverty in India and increase the economy of the nation.

The second team members namely Prathik N and Ricky Rodger prepared a project called “The Penta Ocean Saviour”. The idea of this project was to clean the ocean by collecting the plastics and clearing the oil spills. It is different from other machines present in the market, since it cleans the oil spills and is automated as it is connected to six satellites all over the world using GPS. This group won the third place. We are grateful to Sr Philomene Saldanha, our Principal, Sr Lourdes, our Vice Principal and Mrs Sangeeta Fernandes, our Mentor for their guidance to attain this success.

Experience shared by Ankit Cherian Deepak.