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St Aloysius PU College Embraces Festive Spirit with Grand Celebrations

November 18, 2023

Mangauru: St. Aloysius PU College came alive with an exuberant burst of vibrant festivities, immersing itself in the joyous celebration of both Children’s Day and Diwali. The atmosphere resonated with fervor and enthusiasm as a dazzling array of performances unfolded, effectively showcasing the remarkable spirit and unity embedded within the student community.

The celebration commenced on a profound note with a heartfelt prayer, casting a serene ambience that set the perfect tone for the day’s festivities. The principal, Rev. Fr Clifford Sequeira SJ, delivered a message brimming with joy, drawing attention to the delightful coincidence of celebrating both Children’s Day and Diwali. He emphasized the profound significance of these occasions, acknowledging the students as a source of immense joy and commending their noteworthy achievements. In a proud moment, he expressed admiration for the students, recognizing their passion, energy and contributions to the vibrant college atmosphere.

Children’s Day was wished with an infectious enthusiasm that reverberated throughout the college, emphasizing the pivotal role of nurturing and celebrating the unique potential within each student. The Diwali segment of the celebration took on a deeper significance, focusing on the festival’s symbolism, which encourages students to be radiant beacons of light, spreading peace, hope, love and compassion.

Adding an innovative touch to the festivities, the ‘Junior Big Boss’ segment creatively depicted Diwali rituals, drawing parallels with scenes reminiscent of the popular television show Big Boss. The portrayal of rituals such as the oil bath, ‘Narakasura Vadhe’, and Lakshmi Pooja not only offered cultural insights, enriching the overall experience.

The faculty’s participation heightened the spectacle, featuring dynamic dance performances and an engaging mimicry act by Ms Akshatha Kudla from the Kannada department. Their contributions were seamlessly integrated into the celebration, adding layers of entertainment and cultural appreciation.

In a commendable demonstration of the spirit of giving back, the student council initiated a donation drive, underscoring the college’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility. This philanthropic effort further emphasized the college’s role as a responsible institution dedicated to holistic development and community engagement.

Games organized for the students injected a playful and interactive element into the celebrations, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared joy. The grand finale unfolded with a mesmerizing medley of songs, where the student council showcased their dancing prowess, captivating the audience and creating a crescendo of excitement. The atmosphere reached its pinnacle with the burst of crackers, marking the grand culmination of the celebration in a dazzling blaze of lights and colors.

The Campus Minister, Rev. Fr Derrick Anthony, Finance Officer, Rev. Fr Pradeep Sequeira SJ, Vice Principals, Mr Muralikrishna GM, and Ms Vilma Fernandes, Deans, Dr Pradeep M. and Ms Kiran Shetty, also graced the occasion.

St. Aloysius PU College’s Children’s Day and Diwali celebration emerged as a true testament to the indomitable spirit of unity, rich culture, and boundless joy that define the college community. Beyond being a mere gathering, the event served as a powerful reflection of the college’s overarching commitment to fostering holistic development, nurturing potential, and actively engaging with the wider community.