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Salutations and Celebration of the Success of Chandrayana-3 at St Philomena College Puttur

August 25, 2023

Puttur, 23 August: A jubilant celebration unfolded at St Philomena College as esteemed scientists and engineers were complimented and saluted for their invaluable contributions to the triumphant Chandrayana-3 mission. Dr A. P. Radhakrishna, the Vice Principal, lauded the historic achievement, declaring this date etched in eternity. The success of Chandrayana-3 stands as a testament to the unwavering determination and boundless expertise of ISRO’s ingenious minds. Overcoming numerous challenges, Chandrayana’s victory stands as a resounding ovation for the dedicated contributors.

Presiding over the event, Rev. Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro, the college principal, extended heartfelt congratulations to ISRO for this monumental feat. He commended the tenacity and diligence displayed by the scientists and engineers, underscoring their ability to conquer obstacles through sheer hard work and perseverance. The principal highlighted the diverse educational backgrounds of the achievers, emphasizing that excellence can emerge from ordinary colleges as well, a testament to unwavering determination.

Prof. Ganesh Bhat, the Vice Principal, extended a warm welcome, and Dr Vijaya Moleyar presented the vote of thanks. The program was compered by Prof. Rajeshwari, Department of Computer Science. Dr Malini, IQAC Coordinator, Prof Vinaya Chandra, IQAC Co-Coordinator, and Dr Chandrashekhar, among other dignitaries, graced the occasion with their presence.

The remarkable accomplishments of the Chandrayana-3 mission not only signify India’s prowess in space exploration but also stand as an inspiration to all, underscoring that dedication and diligence can surmount even the most formidable challenges.